Goodbye and Farewell

It was a good time while it lasted. We had some good memories, and plenty of good times. Unfortunately though, all good things must come to an end.

While Wrestlaholic never really took off like Brendan and I had hoped, it did reach levels early on that we didn’t expect. Unfortunately our draw waned and with it so did my drive. I lost my interest in covering wrestling, and being perfectly honest, for a while I lost my interest in wrestling. I stopped watching after I left Wrestlaholic which was shortly after WrestleMania last year, and the time off did me some good.

I was just burned out. Covering wrestling is tiring. There’s no off-season where you can kind of become lax in your coverage. Like the wrestlers you have to be on point 24-7, and its hard to do as a writer, I couldn’t imagine actually doing what they do every day.

Nonetheless, Wrestlaholic is coming to an end. Neither of us have the time to keep it alive, and both of us have moved on. Brendan is back with FanSided, and I have moved on to Flurry Sports.

But I will miss my own creation, and I will miss working with Brendan. I won’t however miss having to do all the editing, as I’m sure Brendan won’t.

We are still covering wrestling on twitter, and you can continue to follow the website and us on there. I am running the websites twitter account, so follower beware.

Thanks for all the support, and I hope to hear from you all on twitter. I’m sure you will tell me how wrong I am in the near future.

Thanks again,

Shayne Merriman