Is Jason Jordan WWE’s Next “Breakout Star?”

You may not want to believe it, but Vince, Hunter, and Company are already in the process of creating their next breakout star.  If you think I’m referring to Braun Strowman, you’re wrong.

The Monster Among Men has been on a calculated path of destruction since the draft last year.  The WWE has been smart about how they have used Strowman.  This is why I believe the same formula could be used for their next breakout star — Jason Jordan.

When Kurt Angle revealed Jordan as his “long-lost son,” everyone (myself included) were left scratching our heads. Leaving everyone asking, “Really? Jason Jordan?”

On the surface, the move didn’t seem to make any sense. Chad Gable had been featured in a few singles matches on Smackdown Live, and they were excellent matches. When the idea of Kurt having a “long-lost son” was floating around, it was safe to say we all thought the same thing — it has to be Chad Gable.

Then Jason Jordan was revealed.

If you could have looked at the faces in the crowd and at home, they probably looked similar to when Jinder won the WWE title. But behind the scenes, WWE sees something in Jordan that we don’t; at least, not just yet.

Fast forward to his first singles matches.

They were made to get Jordan over with the crowd. However, he didn’t receive the pop from the crowd the WWE was looking for, but that may have been their plan all along.

Move to Jordan’s matches with John Cena and Roman Reigns. This is where the potential of Jason Jordan, a future main event player for the WWE, really came to light. Let’s be blunt about some things with Jordan: he’s a good-looking guy, he has the build Vince is looking for, and he’s okay on the mic. Maybe his promos are not the greatest just yet, but he speaks well.

The most obvious, Jordan is African American. Why is that important? Think of it this way: How many African American world champions have there been in the WWE? Not very many. I could probably count on one hand the number of  African American champions.

If you’re trying to attract more eyes to your product, from an audience that doesn’t always see an African American as a champion, then you find a great athlete who fits that mold and put him out there.

Is that controversial to say? Absolutely, but I fully believe Jason Jordan will get over based on his performance as an athlete, not by the color of his skin.

Jordan will turn on his “father” which will hopefully, lead to a match at WrestleMania.  Win or lose, Jordan will be put over in a big way. Vince is setting Jordan up for a big future for his company.

After a successful heel run, Jordan will be a huge face for years to come. The path Jordan goes on is the path a lot of fans have said Roman Reigns should have gone on first to get over. I don’t know if Jordan will ever get to the same level as The Great One, but he sure has the potential.

Get ready for the “Next Generation of Great.”  Get ready for Jason Jordan.


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