RAW: The WWE Universe is About to be… WOKEN

The real Matt Hardy has finally AWOKEN

YYYEEEEEAAAAASSSSSS!!!!! After 8 months in a dormant state, the spirit within the vessel of Matt Hardy has finally become, WOKEN!  The hottest gimmick of 2016 has made its way to the WWE and has already taken the WWE Universe by storm.  After a lackluster reaction in Knoxville, TN, the Los Angeles crowd was more than ready for “Woken” Matt.

When the Hardys made their long-awaited return to the WWE at WrestleMania 33 earlier this year, fans were anticipating what form they would take.  In true form for the WWE, they ran the Hardys out as their Team Extreme characters in order to get the nostalgia pop.  Now, this wasn’t all the fault of the WWE as at the time Anthem Sports, the parent company of TNA/GFW/Impact, was holding legal action against the brothers.

After another structural shakeup over at Impact, it seems things have changed dramatically for the brothers.  In a surprising move not really seen in wrestling, Impact will now allow all current and former talent to use their gimmicks elsewhere.  This is huge for all of pro wrestling as it breaks down a wall that has always existed.  And in little to no time, WWE and Matt jumped on that opportunity.

Bray Wyatt has been sentenced to DELETION

The resident crazy rambling man of WWE, Bray Wyatt, has been used as the catalyst for the transformation of Matt.  After suffering yet another defeat in action, this time to Wyatt, it seemed as if Matt had reached his breaking point.  After a week of mysterious twitter rants and exchanges, it was clear Matt was suffering from a mental breakdown.  Then in Los Angeles during a Bray Wyatt promo, it happened.  The signature laugh and accent were back, and the crowd erupted as “Woken” Matt had arrived.


Countering all of the usual Wyatt schtick with his own rhetoric, Hardy finally made Bray interesting.  Now Bray was interesting years ago when the Wyatts first debuted, but it’s been a good while.  Woken Matt feels like the right opponent to make Bray matter once again.  He can counter the weirdness and oddities that often surround the Wyatt Family.  The feud was often teased with Hardy calling out Wyatt on a weekly basis on Impact television.  Now fans can have that anticipation satisfied when the two masters of weird get in the ring together.

The Woken character gave Matt Hardy a brand new lease on his wrestling life.  Hovering around two decades in the wrestling business and Hardy is as popular as ever.  Now he meets someone who can also venture into the dark unknown of the mind.  If the WWE let Hardy and Wyatt steer thew ship of this feud fans will be treated to something special.  If that first promo is any indication, we are in for a hell of a run, and this program will be absolutely DELIGHTFUL!



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