WWE: Breaking Down The Tag Team Landscape

Throughout the years in the world of wrestling, we as fans have been treated to some of the best tag team wrestling in the world.

The Mega Powers, The Rockers, The Steiners and Harlem Heat are just a few teams that have graced the squared circle. More recently, we had the TLC era of The Dudleys, Edge and Christian, and The Hardys as well as the 483-day reign of the New Day. Lately, though, it seems as though the WWE has started to fall behind in the tag team picture, especially when compared to some of the big names on the independent scene.

Granted, not all of the blame can be put on the company.  When they called up The Revival, one of the hottest teams in NXT, they couldn’t have imagined that both Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson would get injured, derailing what was likely to be a prominent and entertaining push.

They made risky moves in splitting up teams like American Alpha, and Enzo and Cass with mixed results. The lack of depth has been exposed, as we’ve been treated to the same matches over and over for the past few months. As good of a match as The Shield versus The Bar can be, a lack of variety grows stale quite quickly. The same can be said about Smackdown, where the Usos and The New Day have been putting on fantastic matches, but with predictable outcomes, they’re just not entertaining anymore.

Smackdown does seem to be a bit better off in the tag team division though, with The Bludgeon Brothers, Benjamin and Gable, and even The Ascension lurking in the wings. There is even the potential of a team like Rusev and Aiden English that could be the shot in the arm that is so desperately needed.

Monday Night Raw doesn’t seem to have that luxury though, even with the return of The Revival on the horizon. Outside of that, there isn’t a single team that seems like an actual threat to the division.  The Club has become an even bigger joke than the Miztourage, which is a waste of talent in so many ways.

The biggest question, is how can this be fixed? The obvious solution is calling up teams from NXT which opens up multiple doors.

Teams such as The Authors of Pain, SanITy, and even the Undisputed Era are all teams that would thrive on the main roster. Reuniting Trent Seven and Tyler Bate to reform Moustache Mountain would be a shot in the arm that is much needed, but that would then leave a hole in NXT.  A hole that could be filled by a number of teams making waves on the independent scene.

With the instability of other companies, it would come as no surprise to see teams such as LAX and OvE make the jump from Impact. Perhaps a more significant field will be gathered for the next Dusty Rhodes Invitational, bringing in teams from all around the world. What better way to test the waters on teams such as The Carnies, CCK, or Scarlett and Graves?

Tag Team wrestling has been a staple of the business for as long as I can remember, and to see the state it has fallen to in WWE is concerning to no end.  Hopefully, they find a way to revitalize the division, sooner rather than later.



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