NXT: Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne Should Fight Forever…

The two headline acts from January’s inaugural UK Championship competed again on NXT television this week, it didn’t disappoint.

Dunne and Bate completed their WWE trilogy this past week, with the Bruiserweight securing a pinfall victory over one half of Moustache Mountain.

But it’s not just the result that caused people to be cheering again, but that of the work rate and the incredible match-up between the two.

Bate is billed from Dudley in England, which is only 10 miles outside of Dunne’s billing of Birmingham, and is one half of the tag team that picked up a win over Pete Dunne and Mark Andrews last month on NXT, alongside Trent Seven.

The close proximity that these two young men, both under 25, grew up in means it is no accident that their match was once again spectacular.

It contained everything we have seen in the last two contests between the pairing, the first in January and the second at NXT TakeOver: Chicago, but every time it feels unique.


Bate’s endless repertoire of moves includes the airplane spin, with many theatrics including the squat thrust.

As well as this, the bop and bang punch is a signature part of Bate’s offense – a move that continues to pop the crowd.

The suplexes from Bate seem truly effortless and his rebound attacks are significantly more fun than those of Dean Ambrose, for example.

As for Dunne, his style as a heel is a lot slower and more technical.

The work of Bate’s arm and fingers throughout the match was vital in determining the outcome of the contest, as Bate had to readjust his hands on several occasions due to ‘dislocations’.

Dunne’s offense is just as impressive as Bate’s though, with the Bitter End a sensational finishing move that really makes a feel like it over once the pumphandle STO hits.

His style reminds me of Zack Sabre Jnr, who uses submission moves to an outstanding level across the independent scene.

One thing I especially noticed in this match was the timing of the sounds during striking sequences.

Every forearm or slap has an accompanying sound in perfect synchronization, a skill in itself.


The only move that failed to generate any real impact was Bate’s spinning ax kick, which I have never been a fan of.

It’s hard to pick a contest between the two that is better than any other, although I slightly prefer their two NXT matches over the final of the UK Championship, just due to the length of time they got.

It’s incredible that such young talents produce such high-quality performances, this isn’t just a once in a blue moon fight for Dunne and Bate.

They regularly produce classics, whether against each other in WWE or as a tag team in British Strong Style.

It’s intriguing to see whether the Brits get a spot at ‘Mania weekend, either at NXT Takeover or on the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania.


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