WWE: History is Being Written, but a Few Chapters are Missing.

With all of the hype in the wrestling world firmly behind the upcoming New Japan event Wrestle Kingdom, one could be forgiven for forgetting that at the end of this month we get to witness history.  On the heels of the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank, we get to see the very first all-female Royal Rumble.  While years past have had a female or two in the Rumble, this will be the first one specifically for the women.  This past week on RAW, Kurt Angle announced that it will be running the same way as the men’s, with 30 entrants.  Which brings us to the glaring issue with this whole concept.

Are there 30 women to place in the rumble?  If you go by the main roster only, there isn’t a chance.  Between RAW and Smackdown, there are currently 21 active female superstars, and if you take out each champion that leaves us with 19.  For argument’s sake, let’s add in Maryse to make it a nice round 20.  That still leaves us with 10 spots to fill, and this is where the fun begins.  Keep in mind, anything past this point is pure speculation mixed with a little bit of fantasy booking.


In Royal Rumbles of the past, a staple of the event is the nostalgic pop when a star of yesteryear makes an appearance.  Looking back, the most likely candidates for this would be Lita, Trish Stratus, Beth Phoenix, and one of if not both Bella Twins.  From this list, the most possible would be Trish or Beth.  Both Bellas seem to be content with their life outside of the ring, and Lita’s past injuries seem likely to keep her behind the commentary table full time.  With the announcement that Beth is going to be one of the commentators for the upcoming Mixed Match Challenge, it would make sense for an appearance, especially considering her history in the Mens rumble.  Trish has always been a fan favorite and seems to have kept herself in shape while away from the ring.

However, even with both of those throwbacks, that still leaves 8 spots empty.  Thankfully there is NXT to pull from.  There have been rumors of the Iconic Duo of Peyton Royce and Billie Kay getting the call up soon, and what better way for them to debut?  Teaming up to eliminate an established star would give them a push right out of the gate, ideally to the Smackdown brand which could use the help.  Other NXT prospects include fan favorite Kairi Sane, current NXT Woman’s champion Ember Moon, the recently debuting Shayna Baszler, and Nikki Cross. While Moon and Baszler are unlikely considering one is the champion, and the other hasn’t even had an official NXT match yet, the other two are the closest thing to a lock. The hectic style of the match would play right into Cross’s persona, while the crowd would lose their minds watching Sane hit that picture perfect elbow.


Now I know what you must be thinking, and that is who could possibly fill the last four spots in the match?  This is the really fun part, where we get to pick some names from out of left field.  Ronda Rousey has been mentioned as a possibility, but I can’t see the company debuting her anywhere other than Mania.  Leva Bates would be an interesting choice, especially if they allow her to use her ability to portray other wrestlers.  Let’s not forget the wife of current NXT #1 Contender Johnny Gargano and major fan favorite, Candice LeRae.  There is also the chance that WWE could pull from the Mae Young Classic, and have ladies such as Dakota Kai, Abby Laith, Toni Storm make a return to the WWE ring.  While it would be unlikely to see non-contracted wrestlers in the match it could also prove as another mini-tryout for those unsigned.

Regardless of how the field fills out, the fact still remains that on January 28th, we get to witness history.  The only question, is who will be a part of it?


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