RAW: Samoa Joe Should Be Dominating

You know the headline is true.  You can’t deny it.  Samoa Joe should be dominating the WWE. There is no denying Joe’s talents and accolades – Ring of Honor World Champion, TNA World Champion and NXT Champion, among other mid-card and tag team titles.

Since Joe’s arrival in the WWE, he has been a wrecking machine. He choked out the best in NXT (at the time) and on the main roster. He put Brock Lesnar down on one knee, nearly putting him out.

His work on the mic is top notch. The man can talk with the best of them. My God – look at his promo this past Monday on RAW when he told Renee Young that “Dean Ambrose is a stay at home husband living off of his wife’s paycheck.” Brilliant!!!

Look back to the past summer when he had his promo with Paul Heyman leading up to Great Balls of Fire. When he dropped the mic and put Paul in the corner, talking to him one on one, it was a masterpiece of storytelling. He portrayed the psychopathic killer, brilliantly telling Paul what he was going to do to him and Brock Lesnar, leaving the live audience to wonder what he was saying, then choking Heyman out.

Joe has been cast as a dominate force in the WWE; someone you do not want to mess with. Triple H already knows how dominate Joe can be. I just wish Vince saw the same thing in him as Hunter does.

Joe should run through the entire roster. Hell, send him to Smackdown Live and choke out all of the talent over there. The WWE needs to make Samoa Joe a one-man wrecking crew, destroying everyone in his path. He could be like Stone Cold Steve Austin was when he was attacking the other superstars leading up to his 2nd Royal Rumble win.

In his nearly two decades in the business, Samoa Joe has been dominating all over the world, choking people out left and right. Vince should be capitalizing on Joe’s dominance. Samoa Joe does not need a stable around him. He doesn’t need allies. He needs victims, plain and simple.

Samoa Joe should be the lone wolf Baron Corbin claims to be — beating to his own drum and annihilating anyone that gets in his way. Joe has already had great matches with Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura in NXT, as well as his matches with Roman Reigns on RAW. His match against Brock Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire was pretty damn good, considering the pay per view’s goofy name.

In TNA, his matches with AJ Styles and Kurt Angle were classics, and much like The Phenomenal AJ Styles, if you put Joe in the ring with any wrestler, he will make them look good.

Vince, Hunter and the writers in the WWE have a great opportunity to put Joe in the dominate position he should be in. Yes, Braun Strowman is awesome and destroys whoever he faces, but Vince needs to put Joe in the same role, which builds to a mega match between Strowman and Joe at one of the big four (or five if you count Money In The Bank) pay per views.

Or, Vince and Co. could send Joe to Smackdown Live to dominate there while Strowman dominates RAW, then have them meet in a Champion vs. Champion match.

Samoa Joe’s time to dominate the WWE is now. The Samoan Submission machine has been ready for a long time for this position. Even though Vince has his own “Samoa Joe” in Roman Reigns, it’s up to McMahon to pull the trigger and give us the destructive force that is Samoa Joe.


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