WWE: What Should They Do With…War Machine

Part two of this series is going to focus on one of the more talked about signing rumors. Dave Meltzer reported that War Beard Hanson, and Raymond Rowe, better known to the Wrestling World as “War Machine” are due to report to the Performance Center as soon as their contracts with New Japan and Ring of Honor are up. Considering how their last few matches have gone, this shouldn’t come as too big of a shock.

Over the past few years, War Machine has made a name for themselves not only in Ring of Honor where they held the tag team titles but also in New Japan where they were champions TWICE, beating the likes of Tenzan and Kojima as well as the Guerrillas of Destiny. Both have also proven that they can hold their own as singles competitors, with Rowe ranking 97th in the PWI 500 last year and Hanson not far behind at 108th. Hanson has quite a move set for a man his size, not being afraid to take a leap off the top whereas Rowe is more of a bruiser that would instead prefer to just knock you out.

Their signing offers up a number of interesting prospects for them, and it all comes down to when the Authors of Pain get the move to the main roster. If they need more time in NXT, I wouldn’t be overly shocked to see War Machine make a main roster debut immediately.

The tag division on both shows could use a team of their caliber, though RAW would be a likelier destination as their tag team scene is a bit lacking. One thing that is worth noting is that Smackdown star Sarah Logan recently announced her engagement to Rowe so one would have to wonder if that would play into anything.

The other and more likely option is that Authors of Pain slot into the main roster and War Machine fill the role of the bruisers of NXT. The best part about it is there would be a ready-made feud waiting for them in the form of the Undisputed Era. While it wouldn’t be the best idea to give a brand new team title shots, the build to it would be oh so easy.

Right now, the rivalry between Aleister Black and Adam Cole has just begun to grow, with a No DQ match at the next takeover. What better way for War Machine to make their presence known?

After all, the Undisputed Era has the clear advantage with three members. Why not have Black reach out for backup, and what better way than a team that has a history with Fish and O’Rilley?

Announcers could play up the history between the teams that span across the world, and suddenly the No DQ match becomes a whole lot more interesting. Of course, Sanity would still have a claim to the belts, which could lead to matchups like Killian Dane versus Hanson. Two athletic big men that could tear down the house without hesitation.

If they do end up in NXT, I don’t see it lasting for too long. They have the experience and pedigree to be stars on a roster in desperate need of them. As much as I enjoy the New Day versus the Usos, or the Bar battling the Shield, I think we can all agree that the tag team scene needs a shakeup.


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