WWE: What Should They Do With Ricochet??

Of all the rumored signings, the one that has both the most hype and most worry behind it is Ricochet. Easily one of the most polarizing figures in the industry, people seem to either love everything he does or, they call him a business killer.

His matches in New Japan with Will Osprey made headlines on national networks, but the Jim Cornette’s of the world seem to find fault in every little thing he does.

Love him or hate him, his arrival in WWE has been anticipated for quite some time, and of all the rumors this one has the most significant risk.

When you talk to fans of his, the most prominent worry is that the WWE won’t know what to do with him.

Sticking him on 205 Live would be the easy way out, but most people including myself believe this would end his potential career as soon as it started. 205 hasn’t exactly been the big draw that people had hoped it would be, and we have the likes of Gran Metalik and Tozawa wasting away. The two biggest stars of the division in Austin Aries and Neville walked away, and you could be forgiven for wanting Ricochet to stay as far away from that as he could.

If not there, where would he land? NXT is already crowded, and someone of his caliber would be wasted there. Getting him in front of the big crowd and letting him work his magic would be ideal, but then that brings to light the other big concern. He is someone known for fast paced, high flying matches and that style doesn’t exactly seem to fit in WWE right now.

Could you really see Vince allowing a 630 splash on a regular basis? More importantly, is there anyone on the roster right now that could keep up with that frantic pace we’ve all grown to love? At first glance, not really.

But dig a little deeper, and some hidden gems could deliver some quality bouts. As nice as it would be to see Richochet under the red banner of Raw, I would have to say the blue flag is definitely a better color for him.

Right off the bat, the potential for a Sami Zayn feud has me drawn right in, especially if they are given a bit of freedom to do what they do best. Having Shane bring him in as backup would give him a clear and defined role right away, and being a gun for hire would help hide his weakness on the microphone.

If that high profile of a match doesn’t tickle your fancy, what about a New Japan match that never got to happen?

Nakamura versus Ricochet.

The strikes of Shinsuke going up against the agility of Ricochet. It’s a match that would headline almost any given night and would breathe life into Nakamura that is much needed. Plus, putting him on Smackdown in some capacity would keep him far away from 205 Live, which is the most important thing of all.

Of all the signings, this is the one that I’ve wanted to happen for so long, but at the same time, I wish it never happened. Never have I wanted to be proven wrong so badly though, and I hope that Ricochet defies all the expectations and we get to see him shine under the Wrestlemania banner for years to come.


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