Fantasy Booking Daniel Bryan’s Return to a WWE Ring

Daniel Bryan retired last year, and ever since fans have been clamoring for the bearded superstar to get back in the ring. Things are looking good for Bryan to get back in the ring in 2018, and when it finally happens, no matter the opponent, fans will clamor to watch live, or at home on the WWE Network.

Bryan now the general manager of SmackDown Live has remained a fan favorite, and no matter how hard WWE try, that will probably never change. A heel turn is something I’m sure Daniel Bryan would try, and work hard to make work, but he would have to do something pretty drastic to get the fans actually to boo him.

Something like — cost AJ Styles the WWE Championship.

Daniel was the one that set up the Handicap Match between Styles, Owens, and Zayn at the Royal Rumble later this month for said Championship, and all signs are pointing to Styles dropping the belt. Granted WWE could just be doing an outstanding job of selling that Styles is going to lose this match, but it’s no secret fans want to see Styles vs. Nakamura at WrestleMania later this year. As excellent of a match that would be, I don’t see Vince letting it be for the title.

Daniel and Shane

Plus, that match doesn’t really need to have the title to have fans interest. For proof of that go back and listen to the crowd pop when Styles and Nakamura stood across the ring from each other at last years Money in the Bank Match. Sure, having the title on the line would add another layer to match, and feud, but it’s not necessary.

Styles could easily drop the belt to Owens and Zayn, making them the first ever Co-WWE Champions, and giving them somewhere to go heading into WrestleMania.

There’s also the budding “friendship” between Zayn, Owens, and Daniel. He keeps, underhandedly, helping them out, while Shane keeps blatantly trying to screw the duo over.

In the WWE Championship match at Royal Rumble, the ref could get knocked out, Kevin could pull the ref into a Phenomenal Forearm by Styles, prompting Bryan to come down and don the Zebra stripes once again. This time, however, Daniel doesn’t give a fast count victory to Zayn and Owens. In true Montreal Screwjob fashion, Owens locks in a submission hold, and Bryan calls for the bell immediately. Before this Bryan can even miss Zayn tapping to the Calf Crusher, due to a distraction by Owens.

Owens and Zayn walk out before anything can be changed, and fans can start to hate Daniel.

“So, why not have Bryan and Styles face off at WrestleMania?” I’m getting to that. One dream match at a time.

Following the controversial decision, Shane suspends Bryan indefinitely and hires an interim GM Edge. (I’m going somewhere with this trust me.)


I know Edge may be a name you didn’t expect, but he’s currently my favorite to replace Bryan if things don’t go as planned, and he leaves WWE. So, this “interim” time lets WWE see how he would do in the role, and if things would mesh adequately, or if he doesn’t work at all.

Edge being in charge could lead to a complete overhaul of the SmackDown roster. Sending guys like Orton, Roode, Ryder, and Mahal to Raw, for guys like Rollins, Strowman, Cesaro, and McIntyre from NXT. Not that these aren’t moves that Bryan could make, but it would make more sense to have the new GM change things up.

Daniel could come back the SmackDown after SmackDown branded PPV before SummerSlam, to set up the unfinished business between him and Styles.

Styles and Bryan

“Why would Vince let Daniel wrestle with medical history?”

Simple, Vince’s ego. There’s no way Vince would allow one of the best, and most over, wrestlers in the world leave his company to make money for someone else. So, Vince will cave, and take a chance on Bryan wrestling again. Daniel has already been cleared by multiple doctors and has been told he can wrestle again. The only one holding Daniel back is WWE’s doctor, and with the way this storyline (the real one, not the one I’ve laid out here) is playing out, it looks like WWE’s doctor has finally cleared Daniel to wrestle.

So, the match is set. The main event of Summer Slam 2018 is Daniel Bryan vs. A.J. Styles. The stipulation is if Daniel loses he leaves WWE, but if he wins Styles leaves SmackDown Live.

I know, Styles can’t leave SmackDown, but eventually, he needs to go to Raw, to take on new superstars, and get to have some new feuds.

On the other hand, should Daniel choose not to stay with WWE, he would have an epic match to go out on, and Vince would get one more big payday out of one of the best to lace up a pair of boots.

If Daniel does stick around, he can still be GM and wrestle part time which is currently the role he wants to take in WWE. This would, unfortunately, mean the end of Edge’s tenure as SmackDown Live GM, but should things not work out for Kurt Angle on Raw; then there’s an open door.

However, if Daniel does leave, what luck we already have a Rated R GM to become full time instead of interim.

Still though, here’s hoping WWE wisens up and lets Daniel wrestle again, and he sticks around until his actual retirement years down the road.


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