What to Expect From the WWE UK Championship in 2018

Since then, Dunne has claimed the championship, defeating his British Strong Style tag partner at NXT Takeover: Chicago in a brilliant match.

The title is the only one currently in the WWE that gets defended outside the company walls, so what can we expect in 2018 from the UK’s extensive roster.


Dunne has defended the belt many times outside of WWE, but the company has been reinforcing their ties with Insane Championship Wrestling ever since the UK division opened.

Champion Dunne and Triple H appeared at a house show in November in a shocking move; the Bruiserweight has also defended the title in a fatal four-way match inside an ICW ring. Don’t be surprised if you see Dunne defending the title on ICW Fight Club at some point throughout 2018.


WWE have loved a tournament in the summer months in recent years.

First was the Cruiserweight Classic, then came the UK Tournament, after that the Mae Young Classic and now could be the time for a new UK tournament.

The roster is deep, with 16 wrestlers already performing for WWE in Blackpool last year, so a new tournament could crown a number one contender for Pete Dunne.

As much as we’d like him to fight Tyler Bate forever, there is only so much the two can do together. Whether this tournament takes place on mainstream WWE television or perhaps once a week on NXT, it may happen sooner rather than later.


Pete Dunne and Will Ospreay will face each other on January 17 in Milton Keynes, in the first WWE/NJPW crossover since Hulk Hogan was WWE Champion.

The match will be a true spectacle for the fans in attendance, but it may not be the only time this year where a WWE Champion will get a visit from an IWGP title holder.

The Young Bucks, who visit the UK once or twice a year, are current IWGP Junior Tag Team Champions and Will Ospreay has been sharing his IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship with fellow Brit Marty Scurll in recent times. Progress Wrestling is hosting a show at the Wembley Arena in September, so expect Dunne to be there with a possible special contender.


From the very start of the UK Championship tournament, Dunne was chosen to be the guy.

As day one went off the air, Dunne attacked his opponent for the following day leaving him standing tall. He made it to the final but was defeated by face victor Tyler Bate.

The Bruiserweight got since gotten his hands on the title and hasn’t looked like he’s going to drop it anytime soon; and with no obvious contender yet, it is extremely plausible that he keeps the title the whole year.

Listed at 29 on PWI’s 500 list, he is without a doubt, the best wrestler in the UK division.

There are many routes WWE could take with this belt, with it being heavily utilized outside of Vince McMahon’s whacky world. It adds a different dynamic to WWE television and could bring more exciting matches and introduce new faces to the WWE Universe.


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