WWE: Have They Finally Found the Formula for Booking a Giant in 2018?

The WWE has always been known as “The Land of the Giants.” In 2018, the roster resembles more of a super indy than a collection of monsters. On any given RAW or SmackDown, fans are treated to matches involving some of the best technical wrestlers on the planet. In generations past, that type of wrestler would be used to beef up the mid-card and the main event would be left for the colossal talents. But as the WWE flips their calendar to 2018, it seems as if they’re remembering their roots.

Ever since the day of the monstrous giants went by the wayside, the WWE has had issues with properly booking their giants. Whether it be Big Show, Kane, Mark Henry or even The Undertaker, the creative team has failed them all at points. One week they could be treated as killers with no regard for others’ safety. The next, they’re bumbling big men that are the butt of the joke.

The Big Show is a perfect example of this style of booking. In a feud with Rey Mysterio, Show attatched Mysterio to a backboard and then swung him into the ring post as if he were a baseball bat. Not too far into the future and Big Show is getting sprayed with feces from a waste management truck by Eddie Guerrero. Now, the on again/off again style of booking can be expressed throughout the entire roster, but for a company that was founded on giants, they should have the formula down.

Enter, Braun Strowman. The Monster Among Men has been dominating the WWE landscape since his breakout from The Wyatt Family. Upon his initial¬†call-up to the main roster, it didn’t seem as if Braun would have much to work with. But then Strowman left Wyatt and struck out onto his own. And the man has not looked back once. Finding himself in meaningful feuds with Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and possible future feuds with Triple H and Kurt Angle on the horizon.


Strowman is given the opportunity to be a giant and doesn’t seem handcuffed in the slightest. We have seen him flip and ambulance, flip the cab of an 18 wheeler and tear a lighting rig down with a grappling hook. Now, this may seem cartoonish and campy, but in essence, it’s a callback to the Attitude Era. A time in pro wrestling when Stone Cold could LITERALLY drive any vehicle under the sun. When Sting and Undertaker had supernatural powers and would descend from the rafters.

Braun is a throwback to a time when the WWE knew what they were doing and more importantly were confident in their decisions. I truly believe the WWE knows what they have in Braun Strowman and that’s why fans are getting the character that is on tv weekly. With the Royal Rumble approaching fast, Braun is making a case for his dominance. It’s still early in the grand scheme of things but if creative keeps their foot on the gas, Braun will be hanging some gold in his trophy case before the end of 2018.


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