5 Things to Expect From the Men’s Royal Rumble

Now that this year’s edition of the event contains a Women’s Royal Rumble, the Men’s Rumble has been slightly forgotten. However, the road to WrestleMania will begin in Philadelphia, and the carpool lane includes a title match against the Royal Rumble victor.

1. A Smackdown Live Victor

randall keith
Randy Orton won 2017’s, Royal Rumble

Last year, Randy Orton won the event as part of Smackdown’s roster and went on to have a very average match against Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania. This year, the same looks to be happening again.

Roman Reigns is still penciled in to face Brock Lesnar in the Universal Title match, the RAW branded championship belt. If this match does indeed occur, which it looks like it will, then the WWE Championship match will feature the winner of the Rumble. Unless Reigns wins the Rumble, but surely not… Right?

2. Braun Strowman Will Not be Included

Credit: WWE.com

Braun Strowman is scheduled to face Kane and Brock Lesnar in the Universal Title match on January 28 in the match that is probably going to be the co-main event.

Since it’s the match presumably directly before the Rumble itself, Braun may not feature in the most manic match of the year. His 12 eliminations in only two Rumble appearances may not be added to this year. His presence will be missed as he has caused havoc on RAW recently, much to the crowd’s approval.

3. No NXT Stars

Credit: WWE.com

The last two years the Rumble has featured at least one NXT star making a surprise appearance. Last year, Tye Dillinger came in at coincidently at the number ten spot and the year before it was Sami Zayn who joined only to eliminate Kevin Owens.

With two deep rosters on RAW and SmackDown and an expectant crowd wanting to possibly see Ricochet or EC3 make their debut, there may not be room for any NXT call-ups.

Sure, we’d love to see Killian Dain or Adam Cole show up, but it may be the wrong year for them.

4. At Least One New WWE Superstar

Bobby Lashley has won titles in wrestling and MMA

As previously mentioned, Ricochet and EC3 are more than likely to show up in WWE soon. As well as them, Bobby Lashley has also been rumored to come back to WWE after her left Impact this past week.

Rockstar Spud still hasn’t confirmed his contract status and would make a great addition to 205 Live, so a Rumble debut could help him create good traction early on.

Surely someone has to make their debut in the Royal Rumble, similar to how AJ Styles did back in 2016.

5. New Pushes to Begin

Credit: WWE.com

As it is the start of ‘Mania season, storylines have to kick-off from here.

Eliminations are an easy way to build up characters as strong individuals, such as they have done with Strowman in the last few years.

Baron Corbin only got one elimination last time out, and Finn Balor missed this match last year due to injury. Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt will face off at some — point building towards their inevitable match —, and Elias has been extremely entertaining on RAW recently. Hopefully, we see some superstars get their chance to shine in this match.


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