Predicting Every Entrant in the Men’s 2018 Royal Rumble

So this is a bit silly and also a little bit of fun.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Roman Reigns are currently favorites to win this year’s Rumble in Philadelphia – I’m also backing Nakamura to outlast them all.

Let me know what you think about my list of predictions, if I even get one right then I’ll be very satisfied.

  1. ELIAS – I think Elias will open the Rumble with an attempt at a song and be interrupted. ELIMINATED BY ROMAN REIGNS
  2. RUSEV – Why not interrupt an over heel from Raw with an over heel from Smackdown Live. Rusev has been on a cruise in recent times alongside Aiden English. ELIMINATED BY ROMAN REIGNS
  3. APOLLO CREWS – I’d get Apollo in early to get him out early. ELIMINATED BY HARPER
  4. XAVIER WOODS – The first of all New Day members to enter the match. ELIMINATED BY RUSEV
  5. KALISTO – Unused for a while, Kalisto may make an appearance. ELIMINATED BY HARPER
  6. HARPER – Without a first name, Harper has been tearing through opponents as part of the Bludgeon Brothers. ELIMINATED BY ROMAN REIGNS
  7. CURTIS AXEL – As part of the Miztourage, Axel has been on Raw for the past few months. ELIMINATED BY RANDY ORTON
  8. AIDEN ENGLISH – Consecutive jobbers incoming! ELIMINATED BY ROMAN REIGNS
  9. RANDY ORTON – Last year’s winner enters early this year and doesn’t make it until the end. ELIMINATED BY BRAUN STROWMANCredit:
  10. ROMAN REIGNS – One of this years heavy favourites will join at 10 and almost make it all the way. ELIMINATED BY DOLPH ZIGGLER
  11. MATT HARDY – The Woken Warrior will add some light-hearted comedy to the Rumble. ELIMINATED BY BRAY WYATT
  12. PETE DUNNE – Apparently he has been pulled for indie shows this week ahead of the Rumble. ELIMINATED BY BRAUN STROWMAN
  13. TYLER BREEZE – One half of Breezango must feature in the Rumble. ELIMINATED BY MOJO RAWLEY
  14. CURT HAWKINS – The losing streak will continue this Sunday, obviously. ELIMINATED BY SETH ROLLINS
  15. KOFI KINGSTON – We’re all waiting for the inevitable Kofi Kingston spot which saves him from elimination. ELIMINATED BY BRAUN STROWMAN
  16. VIKTOR – The Ascension are another group added to fill up the ring. ELIMINATED BY BRAUN STROWMAN
  17. SETH ROLLINS – One half of the Raw Tag Team Champions and Seth hasn’t been included in the last two Rumbles. ELIMINATED BY BRAUN STROWMAN
  18. DOLPH ZIGGLER – Ziggler vacated the US Title on Smackdown and is one of the favourites for the Rumble due to his blase attitude. ELIMINATED BY JOHN CENA
  19. MOJO RAWLEY – Finding some form as a heel, Rawley needs an elimination or two. ELIMINATED BY BRAUN STROWMAN
  20. BRAUN STROWMAN – He may be in the Universal Title match, but maybe that’s the match for the fire that will allow Braun to enter the Rumble and cause havoc. ELIMINATED BY DOLPH ZIGGLER
  21. BRAY WYATT – Now without a clan but picked up a win against Woken Matt on Raw so he has a little momentum. ELIMINATED BY SHINSUKE NAKAMURA
  22. THE MIZ – Despite winning the Intercontinental Title on Raw, entering the Rumble would be good for the leader of the Miztourage. ELIMINATED BY ROMAN REIGNS
  23. FINN BALOR – I’m struggling to put in all these superstars now! Finn got put over massively on Monday night by DX and co. ELIMINATED BY THE MIZ
  24. BO DALLAS – Coming in late to help his mentor, The Miz. ELIMINATED BY JOHN CENA
  25. TITUS O’NEIL – Titus Worldwide could put on a good showing at the end. ELIMINATED BY SHINSUKE NAKAMURA
  26. JINDER MAHAL – He almost picked up the US Title last week but lost to Bobby Roode. He’s now a solid mid-carder. ELIMINATED BY JOHN CENA
  27. JOHN CENA – Hopefully he should get a pop coming out after Mahal, but he is another solid contender to headline Wrestlemania again. ELIMINATED BY SHINSUKE NAKAMURA
  28. SHINSUKE NAKAMURA – My favourite to win the whole thing and face AJ Styles at Wrestlemania. A dream match.
  29. BARON CORBIN – Can we adapt the End of Days to make an opponent go over the top rope? ELIMINATED BY JOHN CENA
  30. SHANE MCMAHON – An attempt to turn him officially heel and what better way than to enter himself at number 30. ELIMINATED BY BARON CORBIN



So now I have to justify some of my decisions, I guess. Shinsuke Nakamura will win the Royal Rumble with Finn Balor, Dolph Ziggler, and Roman Reigns as the final four.

I’ve given most of the eliminations to heels or ‘big guys.’ Braun Strowman has got 6 eliminations, and Roman Reigns has got another five. Eventual winner Shinsuke Nakamura has been given three eliminations along with the win.

Big E has missed out on a spot in the Royal Rumble match, as has Kevin Owens and Sami ZaynThe Usos, Gable & Benjamin, Jason Jordan, The Bar, The Revival and all of NXT missed out on a spot.

I tried to balance it slightly instead of crowding the ring with major stars throughout. Entrants like Curt Hawkins, Tyler Breeze, and Viktor were added so that Braun and Roman can get some extra eliminations.

I gave Shane McMahon the coveted number 30 spot as it will generate some extra heat on him, you could even have Daniel Bryan come out and confront him. John Cena was given 27 to tease the audience, as the number 27 spot has provided the most winners in history.

This Rumble is extremely unpredictable, as it is every year, but I personally cannot wait to see how it unfolds on Sunday night.


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