Jonathan Coachman Joins RAW Announce Team

WWE announced news earlier today that will make many fans very happy. Former RAW GM Jonathan Coachman will be joining the RAW announce team, taking WWE Hall of Famer Booker T’s place.

This move makes sense as many fans constantly criticized Booker T for not making any sense during his commentary. Also, during the Royal Rumble last night Booker T wasn’t at the announce desk very much. Lawler took his place during the Men’s Royal Rumble, and though he was out there for the RAW Tag Title match, and the Universal Title match he didn’t say much. It was basically just Michael Cole and Corey Graves with Booker along for the ride.

After the Universal Title match Booker “ran-off again,” and wasn’t heard from again for the rest of the show, which only consisted of the first ever Women’s Rumble, during which Stephanie McMahon took a seat at the announce table.

I thought the fact that Booker wasn’t used much, and didn’t appear in the Men’s Rumble because that’s why I thought he wasn’t at the announce desk.

As I mentioned before Coach was the RAW GM during the Attitude Era, as well as a backstage interviewer, commentator, and in-ring competitor occasionally. After his tenure in WWE Coach moved on to work for ESPN, where he was an interviewer and broadcaster. Often being the one to interview wrestlers when they came on to promote any of the Big Four PPV’s.

Coach will start on tonights RAW and will be a mainstay on WWE’s flagship show for the immediate future. While Booker T will continue to be on the pre-show panels before PPV’s.


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