ROH: The Nightmare and The Cleaner go to Battle for the Bullet Club

The Bullet Club has been the biggest faction in pro wrestling since the days of the NWO and DX. With the group covering multiple continents, the group is more split than ever.

The Bullet Club has been the biggest thing to hit wrestling since the Attitude Era. The group has seen illustrious members such as Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. The group has gotten so large that it has splintered into multiple tiers and factions within itself. Kenny Omega is the leader of the group and heads the BC abroad, Cody Rhodes has asserted himself as the face of the group stateside.

Fans that follow the Bullet Club will remember a similar issue happening between Adam Cole and Omega. Cole became the leader in the US whereas Omega ran things from afar. In that dispute, however, Omega saw the water beginning to boil and pulled the trigger first. This time, Omega found himself on the wrong side of the gun. At the end of New Japan’s New Beginnings in Sapporo, Rhodes would attack Omega, splintering the group forever.

Now, it isn’t just Cody that has had issues with Omega. Founding members Tama Tonga and Bad Luck Fale also expressed their displeasure with Omega during this past year’s G1 Climax. The founding fathers weren’t happy with how Omega was risking the group and their business for his own glory and success. In the months since it appears there are still some hard feelings but everyone is on the same page. Enter Cody Rhodes.

The American Nightmare has inserted himself into the main fold of the Bullet Club since day one and with his heavy involvement with Being the Elite, has made himself a more central figure. With this past weekend’s attack on Omega, it appeared to be the spark to light the powder keg. Ring of Honor announced earlier today after it was teased by Rhodes, that in fact, Rhodes and Omega would meet at Supercard of Honor XII.

Omega has seemed to surpass n=the necessity of the Bullet Club in recent months. Elevating himself with his series of matches with Kazuchika Okada. With New Japan expanding into the US market more and more, Cody has grappled the reigns away from Omega. With the fate of The Elite and more importantly The Bullet Club hanging in the balance, Supercard of Honor could change the business forever.


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