The Rebirth of 205

Over the past year, the WWE universe has had a love/hate relationship with the Cruiserweight division and more importantly, 205 Live.  There are a number of reasons for the inconsistency associated with it, including but not limited to the lack of storylines and the awkward placement of the shows.  The division technically is part of RAW, but 205 Live airs after Smackdown which means it’s not only on a different day but in front of a different crowd.  As someone who has seen 205 Live live, it was obvious that the crowd couldn’t care any less.

So what can be done to save the sinking ship?  The easy way out would be to turn 205 Live into a Network exclusive, but we aren’t here to take the easy way.  Instead, let’s look at a few simple solutions that would help the product live up to its full potential.  Firstly if they switched the division over to Smackdown it would allow for storylines to flow and develop.  Travel time would be eliminated as it would all be filmed and aired on the same evening, and that would mean the performers would be able to tell a story far easier.  Interference during a match on Smackdown could be dealt with on 205 without having to wait a day, and since the crowd would be the same it would have a much more meaningful impact.

The second big thing has actually already started, and that was the introduction of the man known as Drake Maverick.  205 Live had no clear figurehead and therefore no point of contact for superstars.  Now that the artist formerly known as Spud has made his WWE debut, it’s the sign of a new beginning.  Maverick is known for his amazing skills on the microphone, and he also has the ability in between the ropes which opens up possibilities galore.  We’ve already seen the likes of Drew Gulak attempting to get on his good side, and I can only imagine what the rest of the roster has planned.

In between those ropes is where the biggest change needs to happen though, and thankfully WWE has the chance to start fresh.  While the circumstances behind it weren’t the best, the fact that the Cruiserweight title was vacated gave WWE the chance to breathe fresh life into a stale product.  The talent is already there and if the CWC was anything to go by we have the chance for matches that would tear the roof off.  A popular choice for the next champion has to be Cedric Alexander and there is no doubt that the man has earned it.  He rarely fails to impress and has the personality to match his in-ring skill.  We also have the potential returns of Rich Swann and Neville though neither is confirmed as of yet.

There is no arguing the talent and potential of the Cruiserweight Division.   Add in the fact that Ricochet, Tyler Bate, and Pete Dunne are just a few that could join the roster and you have all the makings of the future of the WWE.  It offers an exciting alternative to traditional WWE matches, but only if they put the effort into the product.


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