Should the WWE Call a Monster Audible?

Fans have had the rumored match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns hanging over there heads for some time. But could the WWE be on the verge of changing their minds?

Vince McMahon is easily one of the most stubborn people there has ever been. Now that’s based on the tales of those that have worked with him in the past, but the booking of WWE backs it up. One shining example of that stubbornness would be the constant push of Roman Reigns. Fans have soured on Reigns due to the constant feeling of having him shoved down our throats.

Now I actually like Reigns, no issues whatsoever with him, he’s simply doing his job. It’s what we all do on a daily basis. Our boss asks us to do something, we do it, simple as that. But the way Roman has been handled and how he should be handled is vastly different. Reigns was over huge with the entire audience when he kept quiet and kicked ass. Keep him to that recipe and the final product will be perfect.


So with the fans looking for anyone else to force their way into the main event picture, the prayers were answered. Enter, Braun Strowman. The Monster Among Men has been a breath of fresh air for fans of the WWE. He is a giant that they allow to actually be a giant without being goofy. Now, Braun does have his human side (see his Mixed Match Challenge work with Alexa Bliss). But he has stolen the hope and imagination of the WWE Universe in a short time.

Strowman has a ticket to the Big Easy

Barring some type of catastrophic injury, Strowman is poised for a major spot at WrestleMania 34. The real question is, where will he be? The Elimination Chamber is just a few weeks away and it’s going to be a major event for the RAW showing at Mania. The Chamber will decide everyone’s final path on the Road to WrestleMania. Braun is charging and the only thing that can stop him is a meeting with the Beast.


Braun has been in the title picture for the last few months and he hasn’t disappointed. His only misstep was a singles match with Lesnar that didn’t quite live up to the hype. The ultimate match that should happen at Mania is a triple threat between Lesnar, Strowman, and Reigns. Braun and Roman have great chemistry as do Roman and Brock. The three of them together could tear the Superdome down at WrestleMania. If the WWE truly wanted to cash in and make two future cash cows, much like they did with Austin and Rock, Mania is the perfect setting.


A strong match that would allow Lesnar to pass the torch to the next generation of powerhouse monsters is just what the WWE needs. Braun winning would further the booking possibilities as he’s never been champion and Reigns has. But a strong series coming out of this match could also lead to Braun defeating Roman for the title at Summer Slam in a major blowoff. Either way, having both Braun AND Reigns in the match against Lesnar for the Universal Title would be a genius booking decision.

Check back to Wrestlaholic later on Thursday when I’ll be taking things from Roman’s point of view. Then make your way back on Friday for the final piece of the puzzle, Brock Lesnar. And don’t miss out on the great wrestling coverage from the Wrestlaholic team!

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