5 Superstars Who Need to Move to SmackDown Live

Every year after WrestleMania WWE has their “draft.” Well, not every year, there was a five-year stretch where there was no draft. During that time instead, superstars appeared regularly on both Raw and SmackDown Live. In June of 2016, however, WWE announced that each brand would have their rosters chosen by the General Manager and Commissioner of that brand, thus bringing back the WWE Draft.

Now here we are almost two years later, and there are some superstars in desperate need of a change-up. So, in the first installment of this mini-series, we’re going to look at superstars that need to move from Raw to SmackDown. No one is off limits, and call-ups are included. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Honorable Mention:

First, let’s kick things off with some superstars almost made the cut.

BalorFinn Balor – I know! I know! Calm down. Seriously, I can already hear you calling me an idiot, and closing this article. Don’t do that just yet.

In December everyone was clamoring for Finn Balor to be one of the names called in the next draft. I would go as far as to say ever since he came back after WrestleMania 33 people wanted him to go to the blue brand.

Now, however, people are fine with him on Raw. Things are looking good for the “Demon King.” He’s back together with his Bullet Club friends Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, and he’s getting booked into better storylines and better matches. So, staying on Raw is the best option for Balor at this point.

5. Cesaro

Credit: WWE.com

Eventually, Cesaro and Sheamus have to break up, and they will probably lose the titles at WrestleMania so shortly after the event would be a good time to separate them. They don’t have to have a feud, even though I’m sure it would be as good as the first one was, there is no need to have them fight.

The pair can be backstage during the draft when Cesaro’s name is called to go SmackDown. It can be a recreation of when the Dudley Boys got broken up. Or, they can look at each other, hug, and wish each other good luck. There’s no need to have them have a blow off feud. They don’t need it. The pair can just go their separate ways, and face off in the next years 5-on-5 Survivor Series match for their respective brands.

Things on Raw were slim before WWE paired them up, and would probably be after as well. A move to SmackDown could be precisely what he needs. The feuds available on SmackDown haven’t been visited since the brand split and could lead to some awesome matches. Plus, it would be nice to see the WWE Championship around Cesaro’s waist. He deserves it, and he’s definitely talented enough to hold the belt for some time.

4. SAnitY

SAnitY are a one-time NXT Tag Team Champion and have been running rampant over NXT since their arrival in 2016, and SmackDown needs a team like that. They tried with the Bludgeon Brothers but it hasn’t worked out thus far, and I’m unsure if it will. Honestly, WWE needs to keep Harper and Rowan separate from each other. Harper works better as a singles competitor, and being in a tag team holds him down.

So, in steps SAnitY. They are ready to make the jump from NXT, and there couldn’t be a better time than now. With Undisputed Era taking over in the NXT Tag Division, and with teams like Street Prophets, TM61, and War Machine there SAnitY can make the jump to make room for the other teams to take over.

SAnitY vs. The New Day or even The Uso’s is a dream match that we very easily see in 2018, and one we definitely should see this year.

3. Sasha Banks

Credit: WWE.com

Things have been rough for Sasha Banks on Raw. Even though she’s won multiple Women’s Championships in her time on the show a move to SmackDown Live is badly needed for the “Legit Boss.” All of the feuds Banks could have on Raw has happened. The only one left is the feud between her and Bayley, and that looks to be happening at WrestleMania, once that feud is over there is no one left for Banks to feud with on Raw.

If WWE move her to SmackDown, and they should, the only person she’s feuded with on the blue brand is Charlotte. Every other member Banks hasn’t had a one on one in her main roster career.

Sasha and Becky Lynch could have awesome matches and a great feud. Not to mention the matches she could have with Naomi, Natalya, Carmella, and any member of the Riott Squad.

2. Johnny Gargano

On this week’s NXT Pre-Taped event Johnny Gargano takes on Andrade “Cien” Almas for the NXT Championship, and if he loses, then he has to leave NXT. Well, Ciampa comes out and helps Gargano lose, and that means Johnny Wrestling has to leave NXT. Which then means he has to move onto the main roster.

Obviously, it’s unclear where Gargano will turn up, and 205 Live seems to be the most likely place for him, but SmackDown Live could be a better answer for him. Now, WWE could do both. The Cruiserweight Championship Tournament is set to end at WrestleMania this year, and Gargano could wrestle in the tournament and then be drafted after the tournament is over.

While Gargano does fit the build for a member of the 205 Live roster he’s a good enough wrestler that fans will take him serious enough for him to go after any championship on the main roster.

SmackDown Live needs a smaller superstar to cheer on. Ever since Sami Zayn turned heel, they haven’t had a true underdog to love, insert Johnny Wrestling.

1. Seth Rollins

Credit: WWE.com

Rollins, much like Banks, has simply reached the end of his rope on Monday Night Raw. All of his possible feuds have happened. Sure WWE could re-hash the Roman Reigns feud, or, even put him in a program with Braun, but we’ve seen both of those in some form or another.

However, on SmackDown Live there are a few feuds fans would no doubt love to see, and would no doubt be instant classics.

Rollins vs. Styles, of course, comes to mind instantly, and that is one that would be great to see. But Rollins vs. Nakamura would be another great match, so would Rollins vs. Roode. All of these would be instant classics on WWE PPV and would have any fan on the edge of their seats. Plus, seeing Seth with the WWE Championship around his waist once again would be a great way to end 2018.

Well, there you have it. Five superstars that I think could use a change of scenery. There are plenty more that need to change brands, but these are the most in need of the move. Next week we will look into superstars that need to leave WWE’s blue brand for the red.

Let me know what you thought of the list in the comment section below, and who you think needs to head to the red brand in next week’s article.


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