The Curious Case of Richard Swann

As most of you readers likely know, earlier this week the WWE and Rich Swann parted ways. A lot of people have tried to compare it to the release of Enzo Amore, but upon closer look, they couldn’t be farther from each other.

When Enzo was released, it was done with a one-line post on their website that stated: “WWE has come to terms on the release of Eric Arndt (Enzo Amore).” When the Swann release hit, it stated “Rich Swann and WWE have mutually agreed to part ways as of today, February 15, 2018. WWE wishes Swann the best in all of his future endeavors.”

Two significant differences can be seen in those statements. Firstly, the Swann release was deemed mutual, and secondly, Enzo wasn’t wished the best in future endeavors. What this means is that we have a decent chance of seeing Swann back in a WWE ring in the future as it seems that the two parted on good terms. What it does leave up to our imaginations, however, is what Swann will do until that return.

He is already taking booking on the indy scene which means the typical ninety day no compete clause doesn’t seem to be in effect.  There have been the usual jokes about ‘Rich Flamingo’ showing up in the IMPACT zone, but I just can’t see him taking that step and making that sort of commitment so quickly.

Though what I DO think we will see is him taking the Sami Callahan approach. What I mean by that, is upon his release we saw Sami popping up all over the world.

Swann already has a history in Dragon Gate USA, which could see him using that connection to make the trip to the Land of the Rising Sun. His high flying style would fit right in alongside the rest of the roster.  British companies such as Progress and ICW would likely welcome him with open arms, and the match possibilities are endless.

The big one though, the one we are all hoping for, is Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. It was in the little legion in Reseda that Swann rose to prominence putting on classic matches both on his own and in a team with current NXT star Ricochet.

With both All-Star Weekend and the Battle of Los Angeles yet to happen this year I would be shocked if we didn’t get to hear the lovely voice of Lionel Richie echoing in Reseda.

No matter where he ends up, Rich Swann is the type that will steal the show if given a chance. If the opportunity to see him in person presents itself, make sure you don’t pass on it.


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