Has the Curse of the Cruiserweights Been Lifted?

As we all know, WWE’s current version of the Cruiserweight Championship that we saw resurrected at the Cruiserweight Classic tournament, and it’s subsequent run on the show created to be its platform, 205 live, hasn’t quite gone to plan for Vince McMahon and WWE.

But, why is that? They have the talent there, they had an excellent starting point with the CWC Tournament, where did it all go wrong?

There are a few reasons for this; the first being Vince McMahon taking the reigns after the CWC. There is then the fact that there have been many problems with members of the roster stemming from bad booking decisions, bad life decisions, contract disputes and more. Neville walked out and is now in limbo waiting out his contract. Rich Swann and WWE parted ways after he was arrested on numerous charges and later had the case dropped due to insufficient evidence. Enzo Amore was put in place as a way to make 205Live more character driven, but was later released after failing to notify the company of sexual assault allegations made towards him.

Some saw this as a sort of ‘curse’ on the Cruiserweight division, made worse by its position after Smackdown and lack of depth making it a regular occurrence to see empty areas in the crowd.

It was rumored that Vince was told by many people backstage that he should have followed the CWC model but that he chose to build it around a character as he had done many times before in the history of the company, yet the string of misfortunes made this even more of an impossible task.

Now we have the news that 205Live is being taken over by Triple H, who as we all know has made NXT one of the most enjoyable wrestling shows to watch at the moment, and who was in charge of the Cruiserweight Classic.

We have already seen a steady flow of NXT and UK stars stepping up into spots, allowing for a way to leave NXT for the main roster but not be lost in the shuffle on Raw or SmackDown and become a superstar in 205. Also, any NXT stars who are called up to Raw or SmackDown should be able to have more of a spotlight on them. The show seems to be in the right hands so is 205 now on the right path to success??

As an interesting side note, WWE has many stars who fit into the under 205lbs category and others not currently signed but formerly used by the company such as Rey Mysterio who could take the show to a whole new level or even Zack Sabre Jr and many more. Here is a list of a few that I found that could be great additions to 205:

Finn Balor
Chad Gable
Tyler Breeze
Johnny Gargano
Tomasso Ciampa
Andrade Cien Almas

Hopefully with the right crew steering the ship going forward, no more issues outside of work with members of the roster and a steady influx of new people to help the existing 205 members flourish, the show can become something where we crave to see the next episode. Similar to NXT’s appeal. And we are more importantly invested in the characters and where they are headed.


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