Five Superstars Who Need to Move to Raw

Last week we talked about five Superstars that needed to move from Raw to SmackDown Live. This week we’re going to look at the superstars that need to go from SDLive to Raw.

With WrestleMania coming up, that means that many storylines are coming to a close, and after WrestleMania is the annual WWE Draft. The WWE Draft is an event where Superstars are drafted from one show to another to bolster a roster, and to give them new rivalries for the new year.

5. Randy Orton


Orton has been somewhat stale on SmackDown as of late, even though it does look like he’s fixing to get into a feud over the United States Championship with Bobby Roode going into Fastlane and maybe even into WrestleMania. But other than a feud with Roode, there aren’t any high-profile feuds left on SmackDown Live for Orton to have.

Sure WWE could use him to bolster younger talent, and that is something he needs to do, but Monday Night Raw needs a top level heel. Even though Orton has been a babyface, recently he’s been standing on the edge of turning into a heel, and a move to Raw could facilitate that turn.

Orton and Reigns, or Orton and Balor, could have great feuds over the Universal or Intercontinental Title. Orton and Balor have yet to meet one-on-one, as Orton has been on SDLive since Balor was called up to be on Raw. So, seeing them face off is a dream match you never knew you wanted.

With the addition of Seth Rollins to SDLive, and SmackDown already having Styles, Nakamura, and Roode, Orton wouldn’t be missed on the blue brand, and would be a nice addition to the Raw roster.

4. Zack Ryder


Ever since his injury last year Zack Ryder has been an afterthought on SmackDown Live. His former tag partner Mojo Rawley attacked him and left him laying in the ring, and after that attack, we got one match on the pre-show of the next PPV to blow off that feud, and aside from a match in the United States Championship Tournament we haven’t seen Ryder of WWE TV.

I’m not saying I think things will be any better over on Raw. However, over on Raw is Ryders former tag partner and “Edge-head” Curt Hawkins.

The Raw tag division is pretty slim right now, and the addition of Ryder and Hawkins would be a nice nostalgia addition to the show and tag division.

I’m not saying Ryder and Hawkins should win the Raw Tag Team Titles, although that would be nice, they definitely should get a shot at the titles.

3. Natalya


The Queen of Blackhearts had a nice run on SDLive, but like everyone else on this list, it’s just time for her to move on. She’s done everything she can on Smackdown, and she desperately needs a new start, and some fresh feuds.

She’s had good matches with Charlotte, Naomi, and Becky Lynch, but much like Orton, Natalya is a veteran who either needs to switch brands or start putting the next generation of talent over and fade away into retirement.

I don’t think Orton or Natalya is ready to retire. Both still have many years left in them, but it is still something that is getting closer. WWE has some of the most talented Women they have ever had all at once on their roster. Sure, in the Attitude Era they had stars like Lita, Trish, and others. Today, however, WWE has Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss, Natalya, Naomi, and of course the most talented of them all Charlotte. Not to mention all the gifted Women they have in NXT that grace the main roster shows in the next few years.

Natalya moving to Raw gives her new faces to work with and would fill the hole that Banks will leave when she heads to the blue brand. Raw needs another good heel on their Woman roster. Plus, the current crop they have grown so stale to see on TV that many fans change the channel when they come on. To be fair though, a lot of that has to do with the horrible booking they’ve been giving the Women recently.

2. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler needs a change of scenery worse than anyone on the SDLive roster. It’s abundantly clear that WWE has no idea what to do with him. Since he’s one of the best in-ring, and on the microphone that WWE has, that is perplexing.

In the last two months, he’s gone from winning the United States Title only to relinquish it two days later on SDLive. He then disappeared entirely from TV and house shows until the Rumble, nearly two months later, where he came in at the coveted number 30 spot only to be eliminated two minutes later, which has to be the most useless use of the 30th entrant ever.

Now, he’s heading into Fastlane as part of the five-man match for the WWE Championship. A match in which either he or Baron Corbin will take the pin. (Let’s all hope and pray AJ Styles retain the Championship.)

Ziggler could be the addition to the Raw main event roster it needs. There needs to be a new face on the show to vie for the Universal Championship. Just imagine the matches Ziggler could have with Balor for the ICTitle, or against Reigns or Miz for the Universal Title.

Simply put Ziggler has run out of feuds to have on SDLive, and sure the new crop of faces that will come to the blue brand in the Draft will provide a few new feuds, but in a years time, we will be in the same place we are now. Ziggler needs to move to Raw, and have an endless amount of new faces to take on.

1. Baron Corbin


There’s a recurring theme in this article, all of the people on this list have nothing else to do on SmackDown Live. They’ve reached the end of their ropes creatively and needs a change of scenery to revitalize their career. Luckily for Baron Corbin, that’s the WWE Drafts specialty.

Corbin needs to move to Raw worse than anyone else. He’s had a failed cash in on SDLive, and a failed United States Title run. Fans don’t view Corbin as a threat to anyone he’s facing anymore, especially when there’s a title on the line.

If Corbin really is a “Golden Boy” of Vince McMahon, it’s hard to tell. Usually, Vince’s favorites get pushed to the moon, and while that looked to be happening for Corbin when he won the Money in the Bank, things have since tapered off. Granted Corbin has apparently had some heat backstage, and that could be why he lost his MITB Briefcase.

When Corbin won the United States Title, however, things looked to be getting better for “The Lone Wolf.” Now he is challenging for the WWE Championship, but much like Kane at the Royal Rumble, Corbin is probably only in the match to be the one that takes the pinfall.

After WrestleMania don’t be surprised to see Corbin get another shot at the title. Only to be drafted to Raw and lose the subsequent match, and start over on Raw.

Corbin and Reigns could be a great match, and Corbin vs. Strowman would be an exciting match and feud as well. The opportunities on Raw are endless, and WWE needs to make the move before Corbin gets to stale on SDLive.


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