Discrimination in Sports: A Bad Name For Us All

Over the weekend, at an NXT Live Event in St. Petersburg, Florida, NXT Superstar Kairi Sane was ruthlessly targeted by a few fans in a racially charged string of chants including ‘Pearl Harbor’ and ‘Happy Ending.’

WWE has not released a statement on the matter, and the unruly fans were not removed from the crowd, it was reported by other fans at the event. The uproar from fans who actually respect wrestlers no matter of their gender, race, religion, etc. was what you would expect, with many fans expressing the fact that in 2018, in a fan-driven business like wrestling, there is absolutely no place for racism in any form.

Kairi Sane responded by simply posting a picture of a group of children of all races holding hands in a circle around a globe.

I find it sad that in a company where many of its talents are from outside of the country, and the fact that these people have left their original homes to seek success on the platform that America and more importantly WWE provides, that such issues still exist.

Deeper than that, the problem lies with a handful of small-minded fans who quite frankly give the rest of us a bad name when they pulled silly stunts such as this, and WWE’s lack of action when it happened.

This is not the first time NXT and WWE have been in the limelight over small groups of racist fans. NXT’s Mexican star and current Champion Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas was bombarded with ‘Build a Wall’ and ‘this is why we should build a wall’ chants at a show in late 2016.

If we, the wrestling community and fans at large, whether it be the internet wrestling community, just the casual ticket buyer or tv viewer, can just try to steer clear of these situations even happening in the first place, we would hopefully see a time where these small pockets of fans are ejected and never come back.

Harsher punishments and lifetime bans for racist or anti-social behavior, much like if you lay your hands on a wrestler, may need to be implemented in order to suppress fans like this. It’s on us as fans to not only call out these people and push for harder rules and punishments from WWE but to stand by the wrestlers who are being targeted.

I hope that this is the last instance we see of it but unless these measures are taken, the problem remains and will be even harder for WWE to address. To Kairi Sane and any others targeted by silly fans, on behalf of me and the majority of the Wrestling Community, Sorry.


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