Elimination Chamber Review

Elimination Chamber 2018 emanated from Las Vegas, Nevada and was the final stop on the “Road to WrestleMania” the Raw Superstars. The matches inside the chamber were excellent. The Women showed that they deserved to be there, and the Men built on the legacy of the match. Oh, and Ronda Rousey showed up and made an immediate impact.


Credit: WWE.com

The pre-show was very average.

The match between The Balor Club and The Miztourage was actually pretty good. The quartet told a very good story and put together an average match that saw Gallows and Anderson go over.

The plans following Elimination Chamber, and heading into WrestleMania seem to be The Club vs. The Bar for the Raw Tag Team Championships. That sounds like a very good match, and the build I’m sure will be just as great. Two of the best tag teams WWE has to offer could, and should, go head to head on the grandest stage of them all.

Women’s Chamber Match:

Womens Chamber
Credit: WWE.com

The Women killed it in this match. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Even the “rookies” looked great, as Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose stole the early part of this match as they beat up Bayley before Sasha Banks stepped into the mix.

This was a great back and forth match highlighted by a few, but nowhere near enough “dangerous” spots in the match. Aside from that though, the Women got the chance to shine, and they stole the spotlight.

More seeds were planted in the Sasha Banks heel turn on Bayley, as she turned on Bayley in the Chamber, kicking her off the pod as they were trying to track down Alexa Bliss. Bayley paid Banks back though a few moments later by attacking her from behind and a fantastic “Triple Threat Match” took place in the Elimination Chamber between Banks, Bayley, and Bliss.

Alexa Bliss won the match and followed her win with a great heel promo that had many thinking Bliss was turning face, only for her to turn it brilliantly at the end into the heel, “I’m better than you” promo we were all expecting.

For a first ever match, and I hope I never have to hear Cole say that again for a long time, this set the bar pretty high. Sure, it can be topped, and it probably will be many times over, but the Women in this match took their spot in history, and they deserved it.

Titus Worldwide vs. The Bar: Raw Tag Team Championship Match

Many actually thought, going into this match, that WWE might pull the trigger on Titus O’Neil and Apollo, even if only for a short while until they dropped the titles at WrestleMania. That was not the plan, however, as The Bar retained their Tag Team Championships.

This was a very average match, and there was nothing special about it. There really wasn’t a good story going into it, other than Titus Worldwide had three wins over The Bar until tonight.

As mentioned before the rumored plans going forward are for The Bar to face The Club at WrestleMania, and I would rather see that than another ladder match for the tag belts.

Asuka vs. Nia Jax

The stipulation for this match was that if Nia won she would be added to whatever title match Asuka decided to be apart of at WrestleMania. Well, Nia lost. As if there was ever any doubt.

I will admit that WWE has done dumb things, and ended undefeated streaks when they shouldn’t have been before, but it would have just been completely pointless to end Asuka’s tonight.

Asuka needs her streak for as long as WWE can give it to her. Becuase honestly, for now, it’s all she’s got. She doesn’t really have that great of a character, and she can’t really cut a promo. Sure she’s great in the ring, and charismatic, but that doesn’t cut it anymore. If it did Shinsuke Nakamura would be a bigger star on the main roster, than he is.

Once WWE has Asuka lose her, and Nakamura will no difference between them. Well, except for one;s a Woman and one’s Man. You may not want to admit it, but it’s true.

Jax and Asuka will still have a rivalry after WrestleMania though, as after the match Jax put Asuka through the barricade, and left her lying in a heap. Nia can try again once Asuka is Champion. That is if Asuka stays on Raw to take on Bliss.

‘Woken’ Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt

This match started off pretty good. I actually enjoyed the trickery they pulled off here. It caught everyone off guard which was nice. Even the fans in attendance still had their phones out, with the flashlights on when Wyatt popped up in the ring unexpectedly.

Wyatt’s usual entrance hit, the screen went black, then his trademark—I don’t know what to call it, screen graphic?—went off and Wyatt was in the ring with only Hardy’s jacket. Wyatt looked confused as Hardy came over the speaker and started to sing his theme song. Wyatt looked around the ring for Hardy only for hardy to attack Wyatt by jumping off the ring steps.

The rest of the match was very pedestrian. ‘Woken’ Matt seems to finally be getting into this old character which is nice. I’m sure Jeremy Borash has something to do with that. Still, though, this match was nothing more than filler, and we all saw Matt Hardy winning to even out the series, and hold it over until WrestleMania. (And since Mania is in New Orleans, the Voodoo Capital of America, we all know something “creepy” is going to happen.)

Ronda Rousey Contract Signing

Credit: WWE.com

Raw GM Kurt Angle was already in the ring when WWE came back from the Rousey hype video.

Before he could get a word out though Stephanie and Triple H came down and joined him in the ring. Making WWE’s plans for Ronda all the more obvious.

Hunter and Stephanie talked Rousey up and eventually invited her down to the ring. Ronda came out and the place popped with nervous anticipation. Everyone was happy she was there. Whether they were happy because they wanted to see her fail or succeed is yet to be seen.

Ronda got in the ring and shook everyone’s hand, and Stephanie tried to kick things off, but the fans cut her off, chanting for Rousey. Steph obliged and handed the duties over to her.

Rousey was obviously nervous, as talking isn’t her strong point. Which makes the rumors of Heyman being her mouthpiece after Mania all the more enticing. Because Ronda has everything else down. The stare, and just being a badass in general. As long as you keep a mic away from her, she will be golden. She could learn to cut a good promo, maybe nerves played a big part in it, but for now, let’s keep mics away from Rousey.

Angle, however, had “Diarrhea of the mouth.” He just wouldn’t shut-up. While it was all comically genius, and it did make sense that Angle would want to stick to HHH after Survivor Series. He was ousting HHH, and Steph left and right. At one point even saying they said this:

This, of course, sent Ronda into a frenzy, well this and Angle telling her that Steph said that Ronda was,” Washed up,” and that, “Even she could take her.” After that Ronda got in Steph’s face, and Hunter had to intervene which then led to the picture above. That’s right, Ronda Rousey put Triple H through a table.

Stephanie made a big mistake tonight as well, as she hauled off and slapped the former UFC Bantamweight Champion in the face. She quickly came to her senses though and ran out of the ring. As Ronda gave her this look:

That would make anyone, run.

While it was disappointing to see SmackDown Live not even try and get Ronda on the Blue Brand it makes sense to see WWE go with this storyline heading into WrestleMania. It’s the storyline we all wanted to see after WrestleMania 31, except with The Rock in Kurt Angle’s place. And Rock showing up could still happen, it’s just not very likely. (I’ll regret saying that by WrestleMania.)

Men’s Chamber Match

Mens Chamber
Credit: WWE.com

Everyone had their moment to shine in this match. None more than Braun Strowman though. While everyone else looked great in this match, WWE furthered the Strowman monster storyline in this match. Having him eliminate everyone except Roman Reigns who eventually eliminated him.

WWE took the most obvious route in this math. Make one guy, Strowman, look unbeatable, until the final guy takes him on, Reigns. It worked too. If I’m a casual fan, someone who hasn’t watched in a while, or someone who has never watched, I can’t wait to see this man who against all the odds beat the guy who looked unbeatable.

The rest of us, however, the hardcore fans who watch every week, groaned at WWE being so predictable. We all knew it was going to happen, yet we all held onto a small glimmer of hope that WWE would change their minds for some reason and put Rollins to Balor into the match.

I still wouldn’t be surprised to see WWE throw someone else into the match before Mania, probably Strowman. Mostly because I think they know that most fans aren’t interested in seeing Reigns and Lesnar again.

The first match was okay and is only really remembered for being great thanks to Seth Rollins amazing cash in towards the end of the match. Had that not have happened that match would have fallen But all flat, as it already was, and was in dire need of being saved.

But Roman Reigns is on his way to main eventing his fourth WrestleMania in a row and is probably on his way to winning the Universal Championship for the very first time.

Final Thoughts:

All in all Elimination Chamber was pretty good. Sure, it had it’s low spots, I’m looking at you tag match. But, I would have to say the Women stole the show.

From the awesome Elimination Chamber match to the Ronda Rousey segment people are excited to see what will happen on Raw tomorrow night.

People also can’t wait to see who Asuka decides to face at WrestleMania. (Please let it be Charlotte.)

Who The Miz takes on will also be an interesting topic going forward, my money is on either Balor or Rollins or both.

And, I’m sure the Reigns and Lesnar build will be good. Mostly due to Paul Heyman.

Let us know what you thought of this years Elimination Chamber event in the comment section below.



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