YouTube: The Best Weapon WWE Has, But Isn’t Using

Whenever discussions about WWE come up, one of the biggest issues people seem to have all revolve around their storylines, or in most cases the lack thereof. Whether it be the lack of consistency or the fact that things just seem to change on a whim with no explanation, one could be forgiven for getting a bit frustrated. Nowadays when people ask what can be done to improve it, the best answer is one that many people wouldn’t think of.

Follow the Young Bucks.

What that means, isn’t to follow them on Twitter (though that is always a good idea), but instead to follow the path they have made with Youtube. Now it’s true that they aren’t the first to further their career on the platform, that honor would have to go to Zack Ryder from his glorious “Z True Long Island Story” from back in the day. Though they aren’t the first, they are by far one of if not the best to do it. Considering that New Japan Pro Wrestling doesn’t run as often as WWE, it would be logical to think that storylines would be a bit of a concern.  Thankfully the Bucks have found a way around that.

Their web series “Being the Elite” started out as a fun little look behind the scenes, a glimpse into the glamorous life of the brothers. From the harmless ribbing of Flip Gordon to the not so subtle shots at the E to the now infamous “Unprofessional Selfie” the evolution of the channel has been quite evident for some time. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago however that they started using it to its full potential as not just a backstage glance but a way to tell a story that otherwise might get lost in the shuffle.

On their live events, the tension between Cody and Kenny Omega was evident, and it was apparent that the seeds of dissension were being sewn. It was a story that was begging to be told, but with only New Japan World as a way to view it, there was a worry that it could lose momentum quite easily. Thanks to Youtube though, we have been treated to one of if not the best stories in recent wrestling memory. I won’t spoil it here, but if you have the chance start around episode 87 of Being the Elite.

Now when it comes to the WWE, they do have a Youtube channel, but it seems more geared towards recaps and highlights.  Imagine the potential that they’ve left untapped though. Some of the most interesting promos of the year were the back and forth between Baron Corbin and the Miz, shot on phones and posted on Twitter.  If they were to fully embrace the platform the possibilities would be endless. 205 Live could benefit the most from it, as it would be a bridge not only between Raw and the Tuesday night live show but on a week to week basis. It would give us the chance to become emotionally invested in the wrestlers as well as the chance for meaningful storylines to flourish.

The main roster would also benefit from this, as it would allow for those lost in the shuffle to gain their chance to shine. Instead of random six-man matches, rivalries could form and real stories could be told. As much as the company would like to distance itself from the Bucks, this is one time they should take a page from their book.


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