Should the WWE UK Championship be on the WrestleMania Card?

Wrestlemania season has come around quicker than a Big Show heel turn, and it seems as though WWE’s newest championship may not be featured in WWE over the weekend.

It’s a title that is mainly seen on NXT television, but we have seen WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne on the main roster facing and defeating Enzo Amore back in November.

The Bruiserweight is booked for Progress wrestling on Friday night, who are hosting their first Chapter outside of the UK in New Orleans, but other than that it seems as though his weekend is free.

Would having the WWE UK Championship defended at Wrestlemania be a good thing for the brand or not?

Well firstly, the belt is horrifically underexposed.

As previously mentioned, it has only been seen once on the main roster in the last year as Dunne defeated Amore, a match that occurred in Manchester, England.

Dunne has had a handful of matches on NXT against Johnny Gargano and Roderick Strong over the last few months as well as Tyler Bate and Trent Seven performing in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Only five competitors have been used on television if my calculations are correct.

Putting the WWE UK Championship on the card without it being properly introduced may not maximize interest when something else from the mid-card could easily be put in its place.

Saying that a match with a selection of UK guys could be better than a match containing stale mid-carders.

Does an extremely smarky Wrestlemania audience really want to see a match containing Apollo, Titus O’Neill or Tye Dillinger when they could have some fresh faces pump energy into the Superdome?

But if these guys do get placed in the mid-card, could the match become lost around the other matches on the card?

This year’s Wrestlemania will almost certainly feature all nine titles so would it even fit in without it being the infamous ‘toilet break’ match?

It may be easier for the crowd to get involved at the arena as they will probably be aware of the superstars, but for a home audience who may only watch two or three wrestling events every year, it may go way over their heads and cause them to be disinterested.

It shouldn’t be, the guys at the top of the UK division currently could have the match of the weekend if they all gave 100 percent but it seems as though Vince McMahon wouldn’t be willing to fully commit and give them a chance to flourish.

Perhaps putting it on NXT TakeOver: New Orleans the night before would give better opportunities to whoever would have the match as they might slightly loosen the shackles and allow the wrestlers to perform with less pressure than on the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania.

In saying that, Pete Dunne performed similarly on NXT as when he performed on Raw that one time against the now jobless Enzo Amore.

It’s a tricky dilemma for sure, do you give the UK division some much-needed exposure at the biggest wrestling event of the year or build them up to gain traction throughout 2018?

Do you think Wrestlemania would be better if the WWE UK Championship were involved somehow? Let us know at @Wrestlaholic or @WrestlaholicUK on Twitter!


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