Ultimate Deletion Recorded Earlier this Week

With the apparent filming of the Ultimate Deletion taking place this week at the Hardy Compound, I want to take a look at what could be in store for us when we get to see WWE’s attempt at a Final Deletion style segment.

Hopefully, it’s not like Bray Wyatt’s House of Horrors match and more like the Hardy/Borash orchestrated work we got before. It is worth noting that Jeremy Borash was said to be on location in Cameron, North Carolina and referee Shawn Bennett was sent to officiate, however, there is no word yet on who else may have been at the tapings.

Ever since Matt Hardy debuted his iconic ‘Broken’ persona, it has received mixed reactions. With many disliking its camera work and over the top speech, mannerisms and spots, such as high danger moves out of trees and fireworks being used as a weapon, flying drone attacks and various animals or inanimate objects having the names and souls of past figures throughout history. Most notably skaarsgard the dilapidated boat and a giraffe named and apparently now the vessel of the soul known as George Washington.

Others absolutely loved it and saw what it could become, helped by the fact that once the character had been adopted, Matt Hardy stayed in character during every single performance, even those outside of the ring and would never forget a phrase or statement he had previously said, making interviews very entertaining to listen to. It was a breath of fresh air compared to the stale air we had become used to breathing in the wrestling world.

‘Broken’ Matt became broken during a feud with his brother Jeff. Becoming jealous after seeing Jeff get pushed to the main event scene time after time, Matt reached his breaking point and took on the form of a somewhat crazed yet enlightened soul, generations old, inhabiting the mortal vessel of Matt Hardy, aided in this realm by ‘The Seven Deities.’

Matt wanted to take everything from Jeff, even his name. Dubbing him Brother Nero, after the Roman Emperor who built his empire until it crumbled around him and was forced to escape into hiding, Nero is also Jeff’s middle name. Labeled an enemy of the people, he chose to take his own life, in the end, broken and left with nothing. Challenging Jeff to a final match where he would delete his brothers legacy from existence, thus the Final Deletion was created.

Matt worked with Jeremy Borash, now signed to work backstage in WWE, to create the ‘Woken’ segments, culminating in this match.

Aided by the drone Vanguard-1 and his army of loyal soldiers that made up ‘House Hardy,’ Matt’s wife Reby, his son King Maxwell and Reby’s real-life father Senor Benjamin, with whom Matt would always converse in Latin. The battleground was set, and the match took place, with Matt finally overcoming his brother and forcing him to relinquish his name and join Matt, in servitude to him.

‘Brother Nero’ would go on to serve Matt, obeying his every command, while his brother continued degrading him and his former legacy. The two would go on to find a new respect for each other over time though.

Once again united, the brothers declared themselves the ‘Greatest Tag Team in All of Space and Time,’ won the TNA Tag Team Championships and took part in their Exposition of Gold. Where they looked to claim every tag belt in the world of wrestling, winning multiple tag team belts from various promotions, holding all simultaneously.

They faced Abyss and Craazy Steve, who alongside female star Rosemary, made up ‘Decay’ and we were treated to ‘Delete or Decay,’ a sequel to the original segment, followed by Tag Team Apocalypto, all filmed on location at the Hardy Compound.

The company, however, was facing huge financial problems, with many stars not being paid or used for long periods, low ticket sales leading to the shows being attended for free by fans and a general lack of direction for not only the talent but the show itself.

With lots of time, effort and his own personal money poured into his new gimmick, Matt was left with a decision. Stay with the sinking ship he had tried so admirably to keep afloat or try his luck elsewhere now that there was so much momentum behind the movement.

Matt and Jeff left TNA/Impact due to the payment issues, who then claimed ownership of the gimmick, making it a near impossibility of it turning up on WWE in time for Mania. The Broken Hardyz toured the worlds independent promotions, facing many great tag teams and even taking on the Young Bucks in Mexico and then again the night before WrestleMania 33 in a ladder match.

The Hardyz triumphant return to WWE took place at WrestleMania 33 last year. Stepping foot into a WWE ring for the first time since 2010, with the ‘Broken’ gimmick becoming a mix of the old Team Xtreme Matt Hardy, crossed with his Version-1 gimmick and shouts of delete, they entered to a thunderous response from the crowd. Them being surprise entrants into the tag team title match made it into a four-way, the brothers won the belts on their first night back.

Something was off though.

Matt was embroiled in the legal dispute over the trademark for the ‘Broken’ name and therefore could not use it in totality, but in a form that was slightly different, not to mention WWE thinking the gimmick would be less well received than their original WWE tag team.

They had the old entrance theme, and video were announced as The Hardy Boyz and Matt was only slightly broken now. They carried on as such until losing the titles and due to Jeff suffering an injury, which I’m sure Matt will have said is as a result of his terrible ‘spot monkey addiction’. Matt entered into a singles feud with Bray Wyatt, something that was dreamed about by fans when the hype over the gimmick in TNA was at its highest.

Attention from fans began to simmer down, with many believing WWE had already ruined the character, yet with the legality issues, it was nobody’s fault but those withholding the creative rights to the name.

Upon realizing this and seeing holes in the case, WWE and Matt Hardy agreed on using ‘Woken’ as his new moniker, allowing him to still use the ‘Broken’ name should they ever want to leave WWE.

He reverted to his old mannerisms and attire, carrying on this war with Bray Wyatt in a series of one on one matches where both sides have seen victory.

As we all know, Bray’s character suffered the fate of so many before him, a huge initial push and then get lost in the shuffle, after all, there is only so much room at the top. The ‘Eater of Worlds’ was in desperate need of an overhaul or an excellent feud.

Many segments full of laughing at each other, Bray speaking his usual dialogue and Matt playing chess with and talking to a goldfish. On paper that probably just sounded crazy, but in a wrestling fan’s mind, it was the beginning of the return.

Using his social media, Matt engaged the feud further than his TV segments would have allowed, slowly building fan hype back up until it was clear that we were almost back on the right track.

His loyal soldiers back in place, Matt challenged Bray to Ultimate Deletion at the Hardy Compound.

With the segment being filmed this far in advance, many believe that this match may be shown as soon as next week’s Monday Night Raw.
Matt has also stated on Twitter recently that ‘W is going to start to sound like Br,’ seemingly scrapping the ‘Woken’ gimmick in favor of the more popular ‘Broken’ version and said that Bray Wyatt is close to his breaking point. Things look promising.

Now with Jeff’s return just a matter of time and The Bar’s open challenge on social media for any tag team in the world to come and take on the ‘best tag team in the world’ at WrestleMania for the Raw Tag Team Championships. The challenge was responded to by Ring of Honor Enforcer Bully Ray, who posted a picture of him and D-Von, better known as the Dudley Boyz, holding many of their tag team titles that they possess after a prestigious career as a duo. Not to miss out on the action, Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks replied that they have that date free.

Word is going around though that the plan backstage is to have two people who aren’t usually a team go against The Bar at WrestleMania. If so, I believe this rules out The Hardy Boyz but does not rule out Broken Matt Hardy and Broken Bray Wyatt. This would explain the segment being aired before Mania should that happen. If done right and Wyatt joins a new family, his career could finally be in a position to gain prevalence again.

All I know is it should be one of the most entertaining things we will have been given by WWE in a while if Matt and Jeremy Borash have been given free reign over the creative side of the segment.


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