Why WWE Shouldn’t Turn Seth Rollins Heel

There have been rumors as of late that WWE has been considering turning Rollins heel once again. We’re all aware that before he got injured, Seth was the best heel in the company, and seemed to be poised for a great career going forward. But things happen. Injuries happen, and they never happen at a good time, see also Finn Balor.

As things would work out though, two of the best in the company are destined to meet once again. This time on the “Grandest Stage of Them All,” against arguably the top heel in the company right now, The Miz, in a Triple Threat for Miz’s Intercontinental Championship. Honestly, this could be the match of the night, and if it isn’t a lot of people will be surprised.

Since the original plan for Rollins at Mania was him versus Shield Member Dean Ambrose, who was supposedly going to turn heel much like Rollins did leading into his big heel run in 2014. However, the injury bug reared it’s ugly head again, and Ambrose was put on the shelf. Effectively postponing that storyline until after WrestleMania season.

Jason Jordan was inserted to replace Dean, but he too was injured and is also going to miss Mania.

That left Seth with nothing to do going into the event, and fans instantly started clamoring for an IC Title match at Mania for “The Architect.” WWE listened, and it has lead us to where we are.

It would seem that Finn Balor is probably going to win the Intercontinental Championship at Mania, even though he has the clearest path post-Mania to the Universal Championship out of the three, having never lost the Championship in the first place. Hopefully, fingers crossed, Roman Reigns is carrying the red title, and not over his shoulder, after WrestleMania too.

However, it would make more sense for Seth to win the match and walk out of New Orleans as the Intercontinental Champion.

Miz will be leaving shortly after Mania to take care of his wife, and new child, and once he returns should move on to the Universal Championship anyways. He deserves a long run in the main event scene again, and he’s white-hot right now too, and will probably be even more over when he returns.

If Seth wins the championship at Mania when Dean returns the two can feud over the mid-card championship for the majority of the Summer, which has the potential to be the feud of the year in 2018.

Seth and Dean can only feud over the IC Title if Seth is the face and Dean is the heel. We’ve seen Dean as a face for so long that he has grown stale. Dean needs to go back to his Jon Moxley days on the independent scene, where he wasn’t afraid to hurt or be hurt. WWE needs a character like that, someone akin to Mick Foley, who just doesn’t care what happens to them in a match, and isn’t afraid to take chances.

Now obviously with the restrictions, WWE puts on the things their talent can do today, it will be hard to play that character. But if anyone can, it’s Dean.

Plus, Seth has been so great wrestling as a face recently that turning him now could kill all the momentum he has. The fans are so behind him as a face that they may not take to him being a heel. From his fantastic iron man like performance in the gauntlet match before Elimination Chamber to his performance in the Chamber itself, Seth has become one of the most popular guys on the RAW roster right now.

Seeing him win the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 34 will only help him skyrocket in fan popularity.

With Dean coming back, and Seth and Roman both holding gold after Mania, Dean turning heel only helps to tell the story even better. Once Dean turns, he can go after Seth, and once he doesn’t reach his goal there, he can go after Roman to close out 2018.


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