Should the Brand Split End?

With the recent announcement that the Brand-specific Pay Per Views were ceasing to be a thing, one has to wonder if that means the Brand Split is coming to an end.  Some have pointed to the fact that another Superstar Shakeup would be a likelier outcome, but why end the Pay Per Views if that was the case?  While many fans would be glad to see things going back to the way they were, I think that an end to the split would have a number of both positive and negative results.

We’re going to start out with the obvious negative impact because ending on a happier note just seems like the nice thing to do.  One of the biggest changes to come from the last roster split was that it provided a chance to make stars out of those that may have gotten lost in the shuffle.  By giving each show their own World, Tag, and Women’s championships meant that the number of high profile athletes doubled.  Without the split, we may never have gotten the rise of Alexa Bliss.  There is a chance we never would have gotten to see the dramatic shift of the Usos that elevated them into the conversation of greatest teams ever.


If the WWE decided to fall back under one singular umbrella it wouldn’t make sense to have two of each major title.  Granted we would still have the United States, Intercontinental, and Cruiserweight titles but the logjam for each would be tough to overcome.  There would only be room for one female Champion, which means some combination of Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Nia Jax would be left on the outside looking in.  Not to mention with only one World title, we would likely see the demotion of AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and many more to the mid-card.  After all, there is only so much room at the top of the mountain.

On the other hand, unifying the brands opens up a number of new and intriguing match and rivalry possibilities.  The Tag Team division, in particular, would benefit the most, as we wouldn’t have to sit through the same three teams on each show going against each other.  Just imagine The Bar vs The Usos, an instant classic more likely than not.  There aren’t enough teams to support the two separate titles and by not limiting teams to one show, provides the simple solution to an obvious problem.  The mid-card titles would also see an improvement for the same reason.  We would be treated to fresh matchups, giving superstars such as Rusev and Baron Corbin more of a chance to shine.


One brand also means more time for storylines to play out.  Instead of trying to cram everything on one show, you could see things stretch out across all programming.  People would want to tune into Smackdown to see the fallout from the end of Raw, and vice versa.  Not to mention it would allow the UK and Cruiserweight title more time to shine and with the way the 205 Live Championship Tournament is going, that would be something we all should wish for.

What do you think?  Are you a fan of the split, or do you want to see everything under the same lovely WWE umbrella?  Sound off in the comments below!


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