205Live Results and Mixed Match Challenge Round Up


This weeks show opened with Hideo Itami vs. Lince Dorado, following the heated end to last week’s tag match. Dorado won by disqualification after Gran Metalik threw Itami into the apron. This match was full of outside brawling between the two teams, with Tozawa at ringside also. The ‘Lucha House Party’ is clearly being built as the heels in this upcoming feud. I’m Still enjoying Itami and Tozawa as a team.

When a tag division is appropriately established in the show, I can see these two not only having a high possibility of being the first champs but also having a significant bust up further down the line. Given their chemistry, after such a small time as partners, I think that would be a good feud to have. It’s like WWE tradition with tag teams.

We also saw promos from Drew Gulak and Cedric Alexander, followed by a match between CWC winner TJP and another contestant from that tournament, Kenneth Johnson. TJP won after reversing a kick into his own kick swiftly followed by a kneebar to end the match. He states that no matter who wins he is first in line for a title shot.

A great Mustafa Ali promo was then aired detailing his rise to this point.

Drake Maverick was interviewed, angry at the end to the start of the first match, though was thankful Tozawa and Kallisto were there to break it all up.

In the main event, we saw the last Semifinal match before the Championship match at ‘Mania.

Mustafa Ali took on Drew Gulak in a match worthy of a WrestleMania spot. Both men gave it their all; however, Ali picked up the win, going up top after escaping a Dragon Sleeper and hitting Gulak with a big DDT.

This was a well-deserved win and only serves as a taste of what we will get in the final match of the tournament.

Mustafa Ali Vs. Cedric Alexander will take place on April 8 for the Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania.

Although I’m sure this match will be featured early on, I think it will set the tone for a night of great wrestling, and these two will be a hard act to follow.

Mixed Match Challenge Week 10 Results

This week Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss faced The Miz and Asuka in what I think may have been one of the best matches so far of the tournament. The chemistry on both teams was excellent, and the mix of the two teams against each other was even better. Asuka ended up winning after trapping Bliss in the Asuka Lock for the submission. The match was full of Bliss and Miz being chased around by their counterparts, Brain putting Miz through the barricade, and Asuka and Braun having a fun stare down. Miz and Asuka advance now onto the week 12 finals.

Next week we will have ‘The Robe Warriors’ Bobby Roode and Charlotte Flair facing off against the winners of the ‘2nd Chance Fan Vote’, Sasha Banks and Finn Balor who went out earlier on in the competition but regained their spot after recovering 40% of the votes.The winners of this match will join Asuka and Miz in the finals for the chance to not only be crowned the Mixed Match Challenge Winners but be able to grant $100,000 to their chosen charity.

Check back next week to find out which teams will be the final two, and also see who our new WWE Cruiserweight Champion will be!


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