Fantasy Booking Brauns Tag Team Partner

When Kurt Angle announced that Braun Strowman would indeed be facing The Bar for the Tag Team Titles at Wrestlemania, but only if he found a partner, it had everyone scratching their heads.  It made sense, after all, one man holding both tag titles wouldn’t have made much sense.  But for someone like Strowman who has made a living being a one-man wrecking crew, there aren’t many men who would be willing to team up with the Monster Among Men.  A few names have been floated around, and we’re going to take a look at them along with some out of left field ideas.

One name that has been rumored more than most has been Elias.  Considering the war between the two of them, it would be an unlikely alliance but in a way, it would make sense.  After all, Elias would much rather have Strowman walking with him, rather than standing in his path.  Plus, with there not being much for Elias to do at Mania, instead of shoving him into the Andre Battle Royal where he would likely get lost in the shuffle, putting him in this match could provide quite the interesting dynamic.  Not to imagine, the duets we could have?  Oh, the possibilities.

One of the other rumors that have been floating around, is the (hopefully) returning Neville.  While most would want him thrust back into the Cruiserweight title picture, the success of the current 205 Tournament gives him the chance to flourish outside of the division.  It would be another odd pairing similar to Braun and Alexa, except the styles would work together a bit more fluidly.  The speed and striking of Neville backed up by the raw power of Strowman?  I could see that pairing running rampant on the division for quite some time.  It would also make sense from a booking standpoint, as Neville has no prior issues with Braun so them teaming together wouldn’t be too far fetched.

There have been names like Samoa Joe, or Big Cass tossed around as potential partners but both of those seem a bit odd to me.  As two men who have each showed a preference for working alone, to force them into a team would just be a disaster waiting to happen.  Granted, it could lead to quite the feud between one of them and Braun, but I think that putting the tag straps on Braun and the mystery partner would be best for business.

Speaking of best for business, what I think will end up happening is a call-up from NXT.  They could keep it secret until the day of Mania, and with the right person, it would be a potential pop of the night.  With everything currently going on down in NXT, the perfect partner would be Kassius Ohno.  It’s a man that doesn’t seem to have much direction in NXT but could carry himself well enough on the main roster.  It would be a powerhouse team that would be a throwback to the bruising days of old.  Ohno has put in the work, and while throwing the strap on someone just called up would be odd, it certainly isn’t unheard of.

As always though, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Any ideas, suggestions, or far out theories?  I’d love to hear em.


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