British and Irish Superstars in WWE: WrestleMania Preview

WWE has a variety of talent amongst their several divisions, and each superstar looks to cement a place on the WrestleMania card.

The UK has produced some of the best talents on the circuit today, so let us see where WWE’s British exports are ahead of the big night in New Orleans.


Finn Balor
Source: WWE

Former leader of Bullet Club, Finn Balor has had a very mixed time in WWE since his move in 2014. This year will be, remarkably, Finn’s first WrestleMania. After missing last years edition with his shoulder injury picked up at SummerSlam, Balor returned the night after WrestleMania to a great ovation. He faces The Miz and Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental Championship in what could be one of the best matches of the night. Seth has been on fire since the Royal Rumble, and The Miz has been on a roll since 2016, so adding a former NXT and Universal Champion to the fray leaves this a mouth-watering encounter. Whether Balor gets the win or not, expect this match to give you a glimpse of where he could propel to this year.


Source: WWE

As one half of the Raw Tag Team Champions, it seems as though Sheamus has one of the toughest matches on the card. Alongside Swiss Cyborg Cesaro, it seems as though he will be facing Braun Strowman in a two on one handicap match for the belts. Despite not being officially confirmed, Strowman won a battle royale by himself on Raw and therefore became number one contender, but he has no tag partner. Sheamus will be looking to create another WrestleMania highlight for himself after beating Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 28 in a memorable World Heavyweight Championship match.


Gallagher has got lost in the Cruiserweight Division in recent times after an unsuccessful title shot against Neville in 2017. With tonnes of charisma, Jacky Boy has been unable to gain on WrestleMania as of yet, but he could be an excellent addition to the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale (ATGMBR).


Becky Lynch
Source: WWE

Lynch really was at the forefront of the women’s evolution throughout 2016 as Diva’s evolved into Women. She had a brilliant triple threat with Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks at WrestleMania 32 and was involved in a good Smackdown Women’s Championship match last year, but that seems far away for Lynch this year. She will probably enter the Women’s WrestleMania Battle Royale with several other of the Smackdown Live ladies as Asuka faces Charlotte Flair in the title match.


Andrews was introduced to the 205 Live audiences at the back end of 2017 before entering the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament. He lost to Drew Gulak in the second round and could join Jack Gallagher as a worthy competitor in the ATGMBR.


Source: WWE

Now, this is an interesting one. Neville has been off screen since October when he walked out of Raw after creative issues, and it seemed as though he was done with WWE. The Man That Gravity Forgot is still technically contracted to WWE and there have been small murmurs that he could return at WrestleMania. Could he be added as a partner for Braun Strowman as he looks to clinch the Raw Tag Team Championships? It would certainly give one of the biggest pops of the night. But don’t get your hopes up, these small rumors are probably nothing, and it seems as though Neville will watch his contract run out with WWE.


One of the newest on-screen personalities formerly known as Rockstar Spud, Maverick is the current General Manager of 205 Live and will presumably be involved in the Cruiserweight Championship match, either at ringside or in a presentation. This would be an excellent time for Maverick to begin his in-ring career with WWE. A heel turn early on could lead to him feuding for the belt in the future.


Source: WWE

Every wrestling fan was saddened when the news broke that Paige was once again injured and it seemed as though her in-ring career was over at just 25 years old. Having just rejoined the Raw roster alongside Absolution team-mates, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, it seemed as though Paige was destined to get back to the top. However, a botched missile dropkick from Sasha Banks at a live event means Paige will watching the inaugural Women’s WrestleMania Battle Royale from outside the ropes.


Sadly, the Scottish Supernova will not be seen at this years WrestleMania. Dar is currently inactive with a knee injury.


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