Post-Mania Fantasy Booking: RAW Edition

With Wrestlemania just around the corner, it means that a number of things are likely to change. Titles, roster spots, call-ups, and releases are all likely to happen within the first month or so post Mania. My favorite part of it all is the first RAW after because there is never a shortage of amazing moments. Before I proceed with what I hope to see happen, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, this will all be under the impression that the Brand Split remains active so all titles will still be in the picture. Second, this entire thing is pure speculation, though if any of it comes true, I will claim to be psychic.

We’ll start with RAW, and the most obvious question is what will happen with the Universal Title. Most people have accepted the fact that Roman will be walking out the champ, and we may see the last of Brock Lesnar. Both of these things would be a welcomed change, especially moving the title off of a part-timer. Putting the belt on Roman opens up a number of paths, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Samoa Joe thrust into the title picture. He had a number of quality matches with Roman for the Intercontinental Title, and it seemed as though he wasn’t too far down the ladder when it came to a World Title shot. The only thing I see holding this back is that the company may want to hold back from pushing Joe too hard after an injury.

Sticking with the theme of Championships, I fully expect the Intercontinental Title to end up around the waist of Finn Balor. With The Miz and Maryse expecting their first child not too soon after WrestleMania it seems like a foregone conclusion that the belt will be changing hands.

By putting it on Balor, not only will he finally be out of the rut that his shoulder injury caused him, but it will keep the spotlight on both Balor and The Club. Considering that Dean Ambrose still has a few more months on the injured list, a Balor versus Seth Rollins feud would do wonders for both. I could see the title sticking around the waist of Finn for quite some time, and I also see it being the launching point of the Ambrose heel turn we all have been clamoring for. Sure it would be down the road, but how sweet would it be to see Dean turn his back on Seth, just as Seth did years ago?

The tag division is where the most help is needed, and I see it happening via a Superstar Shakeup. I do think that The Bar will walk out of Mania with the tag titles around their waist, and while I do hope I’m wrong, I can’t see Braun Strowman working as part of a team. I’m personally hoping for an American Alpha reunion which would lead to a rekindling of their rivalry with The Revival or into an instant classic with The Bar. If not, it wouldn’t surprise me to see The Ascension get repacked on Raw, which is something they desperately need. As long as The Bar get some new challengers, the method behind it doesn’t matter to me.

Of course, what would post-mania fantasy booking be without some speculation on NXT call-ups? Personally, I feel like we will see a number of NXT stars making their debuts shortly after Wrestlemania, but when it comes to RAW, there are a few that make the most sense. The women’s division could use a boost from the likes of Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Kairi Sane, or Nikki Cross. Bringing up any of them would add some new life to a dwindling Women’s division, not to mention the fact that someone like Cross would likely bring the rest of Sanity with her. The Authors of Pain are a team that should have been called up months ago, and I could see them thrust into the title picture almost immediately.

The two I am hoping for though, as are most fans I’m sure, are Alistair Black and Jonny Gargano. Both men have outgrown NXT, and are more than ready to take their place on the main roster.  Gargano would likely join the newly revitalized Cruiserweight division which would mean some amazing matches between the likes of him and Cedric Alexander or Mustafa Ali. Plus, if it means we get Tommaso Ciampa bringing their feud to Monday nights, I’m all for it.

With Black, there is no shortage of possible dream matches, especially if they put him into the IC title picture.  During their time on the indy circuit, their paths never crossed even though they came quite close in a few companies. Putting these two in the ring would generate five-star matches all around, and could potentially evolve into one of the best rivalries in the history of WWE. Even if they don’t go that route right away, we could get Black versus Rollins, Black versus Elias, or even Black versus Samoa Joe.

What do you think? Are there any NXT stars you see as potential call-ups? Do you have other feud ideas that I may have missed? I’d love to know, so make sure you leave a comment below!


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