WrestleMania Preview – Randy Orton (c) v. Bobby Roode v. Jinder Mahal v. Rusev

When it comes to the secondary titles in the WWE, the United States title always seemed to take a backseat to the Intercontinental Title.  At this years Wrestlemania, it seemed doomed to fall into that pattern once again, as the matchup of Randy Orton versus Jinder Mahal versus Bobby Roode didn’t seem to do much in the way of getting people behind it.

That’s not to say that the WWE hadn’t tried, in fact, it was one of the matches with the most consistent build since Fastlane.  It just seemed that fans weren’t overly interested in the men involved.

Then on the March 27th episode of Smackdown, the title picture got a much-needed shot in the arm by way of Rusev being added to the match.  He won the opportunity by pinning Randy Orton in a tag team match, and the crowd absolutely exploded.

Rusev is by far one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster, which is evident by his merchandise sales and the ever-present “Rusev Day” chants that echo in the arena.  It was originally thought that he was going to get thrown into the Andre Battle Royal, but management seemed to listen to the fans on this one.

It adds an interesting dynamic because before adding Rusev it seemed as though the belt was likely to stay on Orton.  Now though, they have a chance to capitalize on the rise of Rusev, and with the potential Superstar Shakeup post Mania we could be in for quite a change.  Hopefully it will be one of the most glorious Rusev Days to date.


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