Cedric Alexander Vs Mustafa Ali Review

Cedric Alexander was first to enter the ring followed by Mustafa Ali, who was sporting a rather flashy face mask, this being the first time for both men at ‘Mania. 205Live General Manager Drake Maverick is at ringside next to the belt, John Cena watching from the crowd, still awaiting his answer from the Undertaker.

This was the first of nine championship matches, the action starting with Alexander securing a waist lock on Ali, followed by some back and forth sequencing for the two to both showcase just what they are capable of, taking he action over the ropes and outside of the ring. This was billed as the ‘heart vs. the soul’ of 205Live and both men took their respective roles. Alexander took control early on, and Ali managed to fight him off over and over again, pulling out some phenomenal reversals including a Spanish Fly from the top rope.

No matter what Ali could muster up, Alexander was able to turn it around time after time. Stopping Ali in his tracks and both men clearly became more agitated as the match went, both desiring the win and only getting off a handful of moves before the other would manage to stop them and do some damage of their own.

I think Ali took the most damage, however, every time he made a comeback, I really thought he was going to win.

Ali went up top looking to inflict more damage but was pushed off of the top turnbuckle and landed face first on the floor outside, Drake Maverick and the referee checking on him. Upon getting back into the ring, Ali was able to turn things around eventually hitting Alexander from the top rope with a 450 for the pin.

Alexander cleverly managed to get his foot on the rope, leading to the second attempt from Ali who missed this time, allowing Alexander to take advantage and hit the Lumbar Check for the win. He embraced Ali on the ground, the two clearly still having loads of respect for each other and the performance. Maverick joined Alexander to declare him the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

This was a great match that I think set the tone going forward, I also think John Cena in the crowd was just as pleased with the match; hopefully, this is a great sign for 205Live going forward.


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