Miz vs Finn vs Rollins
Credit: WWE.com

Seth Rollins became a WWE Grand Slam Champion by pinning The Miz and becoming new Intercontinental Champion.

A double curb-stomp from The Architect before a final one to The Miz clinched Rollins’ fifth title in WWE after the World Heavyweight, Tag Team, United States and NXT Championships.

All three competitors got elaborate entrances – Rollins with a Game of Thrones style walk, The Miz chose to ditch Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel and fly solo whereas Finn had fans on the stage, proving he is indeed ‘over.’

Highlights of the match included Rollins bucklebomb¬†as well as Finn’s double Coup-de-Grace to break up a pinfall.

However, Rollins delivered devastating Stomp’s confirmed the win after just over 15 minutes of action.

Each superstar worked well for each other, and this feud looked nowhere near conclusion.

A superb opening to this year’s edition of WrestleMania, carrying on well from NXT TakeOver last night.


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