John Cena vs. Undertaker Review

Early in the show a ref came down and informed Cena of…something. Cena promptly jumped from his front-row seat and sprinted up the ring to the back. Leaving everyone in the arena, and watching at home wondering what was going on.

After a disappointing SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship Match Cena’s music hit, and he came out in his ring gear, he then ran down to the ring. Shortly after he entered the ring, a ref came down and told him Taker was not here after all, and Cena got disappointed. The fans chanted for Undertaker as Cena started to head up the ramp, and the lights went out. The crowd popped expecting a gong to hit very soon.

Instead, we got a strum of a guitar and Elias made his way to the ring. Cena waited in the ring for Elias and then abruptly exited the ring, and sat back down in his front row seat.

Elias began to sing, and taunt Cena, leading Cena to run back in the ring, and hit his patented moves, followed by an AA that left Elias rolling out of the ring.

Still disappointed Cena began to walk up the ramp, as he neared the top of the ramp his music cut off, and shortly after the lights went out too. When they came back on, it was just to reveal that Undertakers hat and gloves were in the ring, just as they were at the end of last years WrestleMania. Lighting hit the ring, and Takers ring gear was gone when the lights came back on.

Cena stood at the top of the ramp with a scared look on his face, as the lights went out one last time, and the gong hit.

Undertaker made his surprise return, and made his way to the ring, to take on the sixteen-time champ on the Grandest Stage of Them All. The match we all wanted to see, is actually happening.

Cena stood in the corner, frozen in fear, as Undertaker took his hat off in the middle of the ring.

The bell rung and the two met in the middle of the ring, and Undertaker took it to Cena. Taker came out of the gate on fire, as fog still filled the ringside area. Early in the match, Undertaker took Cena Old School and followed it up with another of his patented moves, Snake Eyes.

Cena finally got some offense in, and started to hit his own patented moveset, only for Undertaker to sit up while John was setting up for the “You Can’t See Me.”

Undertaker got up, hit Cena with a Chokeslam, and followed it up with a Tombstone Piledriver, leaving Cena laying in the ring, and Undertaker walked out of Mania victorious in a short match.

Cena got the response he wanted, but it was quickly made clear that he was not ready for the Undertaker to actually show up. At this point, I don’t think anyone was. Nonetheless, Taker showed and put The Franchise Player down in emphatic fashion.

Now the question becomes, who does Undertaker have left to face at Mania if anyone. I personally would be okay with Taker staying retired after this. He’s faced everyone he’s needed to face, and with that Vince needs to move on to future stars, and Undertaker needs to move on to the Hall of Fame.


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