Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey vs. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon – WrestleMania 34 Results

Ronda Rousey won her debut match in WWE by submitting Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon

All four performers, despite not being regular in-ring superstars, put on a fantastically worked match.

You know when Triple H is appearing at WrestleMania, the entrance is going to be elaborate – and that is was.

An entourage of motorbikes accompanied Hunter and his wife Stephanie into the Superdome, followed shortly after by Angle and Ronda to deafening blows.

Stephanie McMahon got in some cheap shots early as Triple H took control by throwing The Olympic Gold Medallist into the steps.

Ronda’s hot tag was one of the greatest ever seen as she stepped between the ropes and destroyed Stephanie McMahon to a pulp.

McMahon showed some good submission defense and made Rousey kick out at 2 from a nicely executed DDT.

Triple H stopped an impending Rousey win by dragging the referee out of the ring before pulling Ronda too, with the former flying out and taking a heavy fall.

Just when it seemed like the match was coming to an end, it carried on.

Ronda and Triple H had an amazing stand-up and strike sequence, with Rousey even getting the 14 time WWE Champion onto her shoulders.

Angle also managed to cause an amazing pop as he got Steph into an Ankle Lock before turning into a Triple H Pedigree.

Rousey broke up the count, got Hunter into an armbar and then Stephanie, all while Angle put on an Ankle Lock on Hunter.

Eventually, Rousey made Stephanie tap thanks to a deep armbar as ‘Rowdy’ started her WWE career with an exquisite win.




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