Raw Tag Team Championship Review

Braun Strowman & Nicholas defeated The Bar

The Bar had an elaborate Mardi Gras style theme to start their entrance, but it was Braun and his partner we wanted to see.

For weeks we have waited to find out who the partner would be as Braun dominated the tag team division in the Battle Royal to decide the challengers to the titles, then was told he had to get said partner.

After a lot of rumors abound on the internet and speculation due to returns being imminent, we were greeted by Braun, destroying part of The Bars entrance probs on his way to the ring, then it was announced by Braun that his partner would be…….a member of the crowd causing them to go wild!

Braun chose his partner after a roam through the crowd and chose a child of course.

Nicholas ‘The Child Among Men.’

The kid managed to tag in once and got straight back out, but Braun wrapped it up quick dominating The Bar most of the match, I think his plan being to not have to have a tag partner in the normal sense and still face them alone.

Braun and Nicholas are the Raw New Tag Team Champions.


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