WrestleMania 34: Battle Royal Results and Analysis

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

In what has become a WrestleMania tradition, the legend of Andre the Giant was on showcase. The match this year had a list of former winners, former champions and those that have plenty of experience.

We saw early alliances from tag teams such as The Revival, Fashion Police and Gallows/Anderson. The field would slowly begin to wane down as eliminations would mount. AS the body count rose it was becoming more and more interesting who would walk away from the match as the victor.

As the match was coming to its conclusion it was starting to look as if Baron Corbin would become the first ever 2-time winner of the event. It was just then that out of nowhere Bray Wyatt would make his return to the WWE Universe. Now, Wyatt was not a legal entrant into the match so he wasn’t eligible to win. But the real story was that Wyatt would go on to help his former rival and what seems to be a new ally, Woken Matt Hardy.

Hardy would go on to eliminate Corbin and praise Wyatt for his assistance. Hardy would even join in with the crowd in a massive “thank you Wyatt’ chant. The two would pose together and leave fans excited with what could be the next chapter for these two.

Winner: Woken Matt Hardy

Women’s Battle Royal

The first ever Women’s Battle Royal at WrestleMania kicked off with the entrance of the Lass Kicker herself, Becky Lynch. Then she would be joined by a majority of the field. Following that would be the entrances of Bayley and Sasha Banks. Banks and Bayley were the favorites going into tonight and fans would be proven correct in that thought.

This match had more highlights for me than the men’s just because it had the added dynamic of a strong NXT contingent. Fans would be delighted to see NXT stars such as Peyton Royce, Bianca Belair, Dakota Kai and Kairi Sane.

The match began with Carmella taunting all of the women with the MITB briefcase, this would soon lead to everyone attacking and eliminating her. Such an early elimination makes me think we will definitely see her again later in the night. Dana Brooke would soon suffer the same gang mentality fate as Carmella.

Later in the match, the squad from NXT would get the upper hand and stand tall in the middle of the ring. This wouldn’t last long as the eliminations would begin to come fast. The dust would begin to settle and standing across from each other were Bayley and Sasha.

The crowd became unglued with the anticipation that we would finally get the two former best friends going at it. Sasha tried to shake Bayley’s hand which Bayley used to trick Sasha and toss her over the top rope. Bayley began celebrating but her joy would soon turn to confusion as she turned around to see Naomi. Naomi had been sent to the outside earlier in the match but not over the top rope. Mere moments later Bayley would join Sasha on the arena floor watching Naomi celebrate the big victory.

Winner: Naomi


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