The match started at a furious pace as Kingston nailed a quick Trouble in Paradise, then The Bludgeon Brothers stepped in. The main theme throughout the match was Rowan and Harper decimating the other teams. But it wasn’t all Bludgeon Brothers as the other teams would get their moments to shine.

At times during the match, both The New Day and Usos would get the upper hand on The Bludgeon Brothers but those moments didn’t tend to last long. Even with bright spots for New Day and The Usos, Rowan and Harper were quick to put those fires out. The former Wyatt Family members made their presence felt throughout the entire match. It didn’t matter what the other teams had in mind, their plans would end quickly.

The match didn’t last long at all though as the Bludgeon Brothers would throw their muscle around and dominate from the opening bell. The match felt like it was over before it could truly begin and we now have new SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions.

Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers


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