Four-way matches are typically a cluster of chaos, and this one was no different. We got the added bonus of both Sunil Singh and Adien English at ringside, and both did their best to get involved. English would play a part later in the match and ate an RKO for his involvement.

The match wasn’t as hot as the triple threat for the IC Title that opened the night but it had its moments. At different points, it seemed as if each man was going to walk out of New Orleans with the US Championship. Randy cleared the ring with a batch of RKO’s, Roode a Glorious DDT, Rusev a Machka Kick, but it was Mahal with the final punctuation.

Rusev seemed to have the win sealed with the Accolade, and the crowd seemed ready to celebrate Rusev Day with a title win.  Much to everyone’s dismay, Sunil Singh decided to be the Grinch who stole Rusev Day, and the momentary distraction was enough to allow Jinder to have WWE gold around his waist once more.

Winner: Jinder Mahal


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