WrestleMania 34: WWE Championship Match Results and Analysis

Nakamura once again has one of the best entrances this sport has ever seen. Styles walks into WrestleMania as the WWE Champion, Nakamura the #1 Contender. In a rematch of one of the best matches to grace the fabled Tokyo Dome, these two go to battle for the richest prize in the game. After weeks of buildup and mind games, fans will finally see two of the worlds best go toe to toe on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

The match for me felt a bit off. It just never seemed to kick into another gear at all. It was a 20-minute bout, which was more than enough time, but neither guy seemed to find a groove. Now don’t get me wrong it was still a very good match. But I think I can speak for many that when we saw these two were gonna meet at WrestleMania, we thought we’d see a classic. Again, the match was good, but not Styles/Nakamura level of good.

After a 20-minute chess match where each man knew what the other would do, the end was in sight. Nakamura kicked out of a Phenomenal Forearm to keep the match alive. Then as Shinsuke was heating up and gearing to put Styles away the tables would turn. Nakamura was seconds away from ending the match, the Kinshasa was about to hit its mark. Then out of nowhere Styles countered Nakamura into the Styles Clash for the 1-2-3.

The real moment of the match actually came after the bell. In a moment of respect, AJ hugged Shinsuke and the crowd began to cheer. But as Shinsuke was reciprocating the respect by kneeling down and handing Styles the belt, he would rear back and hit AJ below the belt. Nakamura would then begin an onslaught that no fan saw coming. Ending the beatdown with a Kinshasa to Styles and leaving him for dead. We are in store for a Shinsuke Nakamura that the WWE Universe may not be prepared for.

AJ Styles will be sure to have some words for Nakamura come SmackDown Live on Tuesday night. With Backlash just weeks away we can damn near pencil this rematch in for the event. Will that be the nigh Nakamura finally wins the big one or will Styles get his revenge for Shinsuke’s underhanded attack?

Winner: AJ Styles



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