Universal Championship Match Review

Brock Lesnar Defeats Roman Reigns

Brock got things off to a quick start with a spear into the corner followed by a trip to ‘Suplex City.’ Roman attempted to Superman Punch his way out of things but just succeeded in annoying Lesnar and getting himself thrown around a load more times, in and out of the ring.

Roman had his face smashed into the desk outside and then was taken back into the ring for a repeat of the first part of the match, just with less Superman Punches.

The announcer’s desk was prepared by Brock, and the Big Dog was dragged outside, yet managed to push Brock into the post and proceed to spear Lesnar over the announcer’s desk.

The Big Dog smelled blood. Lesnar was taken into the ring and speared twice before attempting the pin, Lesnar, of course, kicked out, then a Superman Punch was met with a Super Beast Knee.

Brock hit the F5 but Reigns managed to kick out of the pin attempt, so Lesnar tried again, with the same result.

At this point Reigns was worn, Lesnar still full of energy, however, Roman still managed to kick out of a third F5. This drew boring chants from the crowd, so Brock livened it up by putting Reigns through the announcer’s desk with his fourth F5. Then the fifth. Followed by ‘this is awful’ chants. A sad conclusion to the night’s events.

Reigns got split open hard-way and hit Lesnar with two spears but on his third attempt, he ate his sixth F5 of the evening and to everyone’s surprise, Lesnar retained.


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