Renee Young Talks About a Return to the Announce Table

A little over a week ago we here at Wrestlaholic posted a poll on our twitter page asking you the fan which Woman WWE should add to any their announce teams. You responded overwhelmingly, with more than 100 of you voting on the poll, that consisted of three choices, WWE Hall of Famer’s Lita and Beth Pheonix, and current WWE backstage interviewer and pre-show panel host Renee Young.

Renee Young won in a landslide, and it’s obvious who the WWE Universe, or at least our followers want to join the announce table. We couldn’t agree more. After the poll had ended, we told Renee that she won and she had a fascinating response.

Renee had a successful career calling matches in NXT alongside Corey Graves and many others. Once she moved up to the main roster though she took on a more backstage interview role, and she’s been amazing in that role as well, but fans undoubtedly want to see Renee return to the announce booth. With the Women’s Revolution going on having a Woman’s voice in the commentary booth would be a nice touch.

What could WWE do with the other two Women in the poll? Well, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that WWE desperately need Women on their creative team to help write better storylines for their Women. We’re not sure about you guys, but we’ve grown tired of the high school drama style stories WWE has produced recently.


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