The Curious Case of Kevin & Sami

I’m not sure about all of you, but I’m still left scratching my head as to what is going on with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Ever since Zayn interfered in the Hell in a Cell match between Kevin and Shane McMahon, dragging Owens from the announcer’s desk mere fractions of a second before Shane was to deliver his trademark elbow drop from the roof of the Hell in a Cell. Shane was met with the desk and Owens with the victory. The two former friends were reunited once more, seeing Sami now adopting a more heelish persona, in part due to his frustration at being lost in the shuffle upon joining the main roster, and because in his opinion, being good gets you nowhere.

The two would act slyly enough to cause Shane to doubt his partner Daniel Bryan, General Manager at the time, of being in cahoots with the two stars. Simply based on the fact that they were all guys who had the same struggle of coming up through the independent scene. They also had their fights with authority figures while part of WWE, leading to a lot of mistrust between the pair. This wasn’t helped by some of the strange booking decisions Bryan was making, such as booking AJ Styles in a handicap match for his WWE Championship against the two heels.

Owens and Zayn would go on to victimize Shane once more, however, this time was the last straw. Upon announcing he would be returning to in-ring competition, and that he would be firing the two men from SmackDown, Bryan was brutally attacked by Kevin and Sami. The match was set for WrestleMania, Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan Vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. If KO and Sami win, they get their jobs back, if not, they were well and truly gone from the blue brand.

The match would take on a similar tone, Bryan being attacked at the start and stretchered out. Shane would be left on his own to fight off the pair before Daniel Bryan stormed the ring to make the save. Moments later, Bryan would secure the victory or his team and seal the fate of Kevin and Sami. Their careers seemingly at an end with WWE, Sami and Kevin walked out of the arena. What a waste…..

Until of course the next night on Raw, where the pair would turn up begging Kurt Angle for jobs. Kurt would explain that he has no place for them and he pointed them in the direction of his former employers TNA. It seemed like all hope was lost for Kevin and Sami and that there really was no place for them in the company.

Luckily for them, they would receive an email from none other than Stephanie McMahon, the Raw Commissioner, explaining that there was indeed a place on the Raw roster for the Canadian duo. Kurt was understandably annoyed at the undermining of his authority, however, that’s nothing new for the Olympic champ.

Recently we saw the debut on Raw of the Sami and Kevin Show, where they would invite Kurt out as their guest. The debut episode mirrored the previous verbal assault on the man who wouldn’t give them a job. This would ultimately earn them a tag team match against Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman, in which they were demolished, repeatedly.

I am loving this teaming of Kevin and Sami as the dastardly duo, they are cutting perfect promos at the moment and saying exactly the right stuff to get heat against whatever character they are creatively mouthing off to each week. We already know that both men are extremely skilled in the ring, so now it comes down to their great abilities to tell stories.

Whilst fired from SmackDown, both Kevin and Sami reverted to selling their old merchandise and logos, along with deleting any references to WWE on their social media pages. WWE even went as far as to add them to their alumni page. It was excellent booking that had us all guessing what on Earth could really be going on. The dirt sheets called it a work and I think it’s clear to see that this is the case, after all, it would be incredibly silly for WWE to let two of its top stars go elsewhere with a load of buzz surrounding them.

My theory at this point in time, which was in part suggested to me by our editor Shayne, is that the printed email from Stephanie could, in fact, be fabricated, conveniently the week after Steph was sent off with an injured arm by Ronda Rousey. While the cats away…..

By all accounts, the proverbial mice are indeed playing, which I am really hoping leads to a match at SummerSlam between Kurt and Kevin. Kevin has taken on the perfect role for him as the anti-authority character, just not in the same sense as a Daniel Bryan anti-authority figure. He even had that segment on Raw where he would headbutt Vince McMahon, busting him open.

I know how the McMahons can be with one another and that Shane and Stephanie are in direct competition, however, I don’t think the hiring of KO and Sami was to benefit Raw, more to benefit Stephanie, who I’m sure will want some sort of revenge for what happened to her father.

This situation will be made worse if it does turn out that they have indeed faked the printed email which they presented to Kurt as proof of their hiring, meaning they are still meant to be kayfabe fired from the company. Stephanie’s husband Triple H, of course, helped Kevin Owens attain the Universal Championship by turning in Seth Rollins, his original ‘golden boy’. There has been little interaction between the two since those days, with Triple H being far busier down at NXT and helping with 205, not to mention various pay per view events, so wouldn’t it be ironic if Kevin was to end up this time on the bad side of the cerebral assassin?

Only time will tell, but with Kevin and Sami here for the foreseeable future, we can be sure that it will be an entertaining ride, just like with Kevin and Chris Jericho’s ‘Festival of Friendship’, this confusing ‘ending’ to their firing saga from SmackDown will be a waste of all that time and effort; unless we get an even more spectacular finish to the story. This past week we would see Sami and Kevin once again get smashed by Lashley and Stowman at Backlash. Just to follow it up the next night by failing to qualify for Money in the Bank.

It has also been reported recently that Kevin Owens had signed a new 5-year extension with the WWE. No word on the status of Sami Zayn’s contract.


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