Is Money in the Bank the last step in The Miz’s career renaissance?

The Miz has been nothing short of spectacular for the past two years.

At first, his getting drafted to Smackdown in 2016 sounded like an obligatory pick to get the Intercontinental Championship on the blue brand. As time passed, the A-Lister became its biggest steal.

Whether it was shouting matches with Daniel Bryan or emotional show-stealers with Dolph Ziggler over the Intercontinental Championship, The Miz was consistently one of the most riveting acts on the show.

While The Miz made even further strides towards increasing the prestige of the Intercontinental Championship on Raw last year, there was a feeling in the back of multiple viewers’ minds that he wouldn’t be a significant feature in the Universal Title picture when his IC title days were over. Sure, he was the central focus of multiple RAWs but it usually came while Brock Lesnar was away, making The Miz seem like an interim-Universal Champion by default.

Now, The Miz is back on Smackdown with a WWE Title that is defended consistently and a roster full of potential feuds to explore. With a spot in the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match by way of defeating Jeff Hardy, The Miz appears primed to repeat as Mr. Money in the Bank.

And he should.

Besides Tommaso Ciampa—and possibly Roman Reigns—no one is better at inflaming a crowd than The Miz. He’s gotten more appreciation for his talent in the last few years but he still has the power to make the WWE Universe hate him at any moment.

The Miz made the Intercontinental title the most interesting title in the last two years on both Raw and Smackdown. He spent most of last year carrying the torch for a brand without a regularly appearing champion. Along with Seth Rollins, he was the lone bright spot in an otherwise repugnant Backlash card.

With his work the last few years, it’s a no-brainer to prep Miz for a second run with the WWE Title. Another term as Mr. Money in the Bank could be the connecting piece between Miz and his first world title in nearly eight years.

The Miz first won the Money in the Bank all the way back in 2010. While carrying the briefcase he would become one of the most insufferable characters on WWE TV on a weekly basis. In fact, his cash in on Randy Orton led to one of the greatest GIFs of all time, simply known as “Miz girl.”


His victory over Orton that night would crown him as WWE Champion and send him on the path to WrestleMania. At WrestleMania 27 he would defeat John Cena in the main event, granted with help of The Rock, but the finer point, Miz walked in AND out of WrestleMania the WWE Champion.

Hopefully, 2018 edition of the Money in the Bank will be just as kind to Miz as it was in 2010.




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