2018 BOSJ Night One Review and Analysis

Best of the Super Juniors 25 kicked off last night in the sacred wrestling ground of Korakuen Hall, and what a night to start with. I’ll be covering only the tourney matches, so let’s get to it!

Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs Tiger mask: it’s great to see Mask out there still being as stiff as ever. A real solid match to start but Kanemaru never really got out of the gates and overall brought the match down.

ACH vs Flip Gordon: maybe at some point flip will realize the earth isn’t flat, especially since the two competitors in this match in freakin orbit. Flip was definitely looking to leave a good first impression and this was 100% the way to do it. And ACH shined as always and was a great compliment to Flip’s style. Gedo knocking it outta the park as always with his booking.

BUSHI vs YOH: What a coming out party for YOH, he started super over with the crowd and parlayed that into a very solid match with Bushi, the surprise pin capped off a super hot ending sequence. Again, get acquainted with YOH while you can, he has no other direction than up. NJPW has the best junior heavyweight/cruiserweight division on the planet, hands down, no contest.

Will Ospreay vs Taiji Ishimori: simply stated: MATCH OF THE NIGHT. Ospreay immediately out the gates with a sizzling drop kick followed by some more nasty offense in the corner to show Ishimori that he meant business. Ishimori really shined being able to outsmart Ospreay and escape the Stormbreaker to pick up the win, showing what I thought in the first place. The BONE SOLDIER REBORN has the rocket ship strapped firmly to his back. He is now head and shoulders my favorite to win the whole thing. Do not miss any of his matches!

And there you have it, a wrap up of night one. I may vary up the format based on what’s notable and newsworthy in the first few matches. So stick close and make sure to shoot me a follow @wrestlaholicJPN to catch me live tweeting the madness that is BOSJ!


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