2018 BOSJ Night 3 Review & Analysis

Now that the A and B blocks have gotten their respective starts, it’s time to continue our coverage into night 3. Night 3 appears to be a smaller house show, no commentary here, just the crowd and the wrestlers to set the atmosphere. The matches were only available as VOD but that didn’t stop us from putting together a review for all of you.


Tiger mask continued to be as over as ever with the crowd and got a good start early, grounding the youngster with a solid offense, there’s a bit of pugilistic joy watch Tiger Mask really letting loose on the younger talent, almost a “welcome back” to the likes of YOH. YOH then proceeds to swing the match back into his favor with a dive to the outside from this point he really starts to dictate the pace of the match.


Mask gets more offense in and really starts to work on the arm of YOH, after a really hot series of two counts, Mask really turns the screw and after a series of an avalanche tiger suplex, he secures the (surprise) victory with a bridging German suplex. Tiger Mask shows a bit of respect to YOH in the post-match proceedings. What a great match to start the night with!


Winner: Tiger Mask IV


Here we go, another Kanemaru match. Kanemaru gets the quick start immediately attacking Flip after his signature flips off the turnbuckle. Flip turns it around and starts with his signature high octane offense, and the crowd definitely notices and appreciates him for it, he is definitely getting over with the NJPW crowd.


Kanemaru and Flip have some plunder on the outside before returning it to the ring, after a bit of a back and forth. Flip snags the victory with a springboard 450. Solid match from the two of them, Kanemaru looked better than he did on night one.


Winner: Flip Gordon


Taiji Ishimori is a freaking star. He really carries BUSHI in this effort with some amazing moves, no offense to BUSHI (who somehow pulls off a freakin Canadian Destroyer!!!) but Ishimori is looking really strong as the nights go on. He has some unreal offense out there, who the hell else is doing a bottom rope sliding German suplex?!?


This guy was such an incredible pick-up by NJPW and he significantly increases the quality of an already STACKED lineup. Again, all of his matches, regardless of opponent, are a must watch. Bone Soldier still feels like the clear favorite after his first two matches.


Winner: Taiji Ishimori


Two of my faves this early in the tourney?? Good Lord, I’m not ready! They start things off with a nice exchange. ACH getting creative with his move set early, and Ospreay matching him step for step. Ospreay worked on the injured shoulder of ACH for a fair amount of the match, really setting the pace. As I’ve mentioned at points, if anyone complains about the lack of selling in NJPW, they’re clearly not watching the product as these two workers do a stellar job of selling (though admittedly Ospreay’s yells are a bit on the comical side.)


These two really mixed it up with a bit of high flying, and surprisingly, some really stiff shots from both, with Ospreay seeming to have adopted Katsuyori Shibata’s mean-as-hell corner dropkick. Ospreay also wowed the crowd with an amazing Sasuke Special followed up with a shooting star press, never taking his foot off the gas pedal in this match. A sizzling final stretch leads to Ospreay hitting the Stormbreaker and getting the pin and the points. Both of these workers looked incredible in this match. Chalk this one up as another must watch, all the main events so far have delivered in droves.


Winner: Will Ospreay

And that wraps up night 3, a short and sweet encounter which included a surprisingly fun match from Tiger Mask and YOH, and excellent performances from Ishimori, Ospreay, and ACH. Don’t let its late upload keep you away from watching, though not as strong as nights 1 and 2, still a great night nonetheless.

The current standing after three nights of competition:

A-Block B-Block
Taiji Ishimori 4 Chris Sabin 2
Tiger Mask IV 4 Dragon Lee 2
ACH 2 El Desperado 2
Flip Gordon 2 Hiromu Takahashi 2
Will Ospreay 2 Kushida 0
Yoh 2 Marty Scurll 0
Bushi 0 Ryusuke Taguchi 0
Kanemaru 0 Sho 0

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