2018 BOSJ Night Two Review and Analysis

The second night of the Best of the Super Juniors 25 tournament took place once again in the hallowed grounds of Korakuen Hall. After a fire hot night one, the B Block had the unenviable task of following an absolute barn burner kickoff from the A Block. Here we go!


Dragon Lee was out first to a warm reception and soon followed by the Roppongi 3K team member. With Yoh working last night and Sho tonight it was a big two days for RPG3K as they were getting a heavy spotlight in the tournament. The big story of the match was both men going after arm based submissions. Throughout the entire bout, each would hit flurries but then go right back to the gameplan and attack the arm.

One of the highlights of the match for me was a spot on the outside where Lee and Yoh were trading forearm shots back and forth. Now, this may not sound interesting, but the ref was counting and at the count of 19 both jumped back into the ring and continued to pummel each other. Something so simple and yet a fun spark in the match. Sho goes to the well one too many times though and attempts another armbar on Lee. Lee would counter into his Desnucadora finisher for the victory.

Winner: Dragon Lee


The building erupts as Taguchi’s music hits the sound system and the Funky Weapon dances his way to the ring. As he enters the ring though Desperado wastes no time in attacking him. Both men get some steam and Desperado cuts off a Taguchi offensive with an Atomic Drop, I mention this common move as it’ll play a major role in the match. Taguchi recovers and nails his patented hip attacks and even connects with a 619. Feeling good about himself he goes for a second 619 but Desperado counters by raising the rope and low blowing Taguchi.

Desperado tosses Funky Weapon to the outside where he unleashes hell on his undercarriage. It was clear El Desperado has studied the Shinsuke Nakamura playbook. Taguchi would fight back with a strong offense of a Blue Thunder bomb followed by some high flying to the outside. As the match began to wind down both men would trade attempts and counters of their finishers. The end came when Taguchi would attempt the Dodon for the third time, but he was thwarted and rolled up by Desperado for the win.

Winner: El Desperado


The match kicks off with a series of wristlocks and chain wrestling. Not something that one typically thinks of with the juniors but a beautiful display of the technical ability of both Sabin and Kushida. The ground battle continues for the first portion of the match as each man is showing off their offensive and defensive abilities in the ring. Kushida begins to fire up with a quick paced offense that earns him a two-count.

The match begins to ramp up with each guy sensing that their next move could be the one to end it. Sabin went for his patented Cradle Shock but Kushi was able to counter with a quick enziguri. Kushida would once again go for broke and hit Sabin on the outside, but Sabin would recover and nail Kushi with a massive German. Sabin would then put away the Junior Division stalwart with his Cradle Shock finisher. Big win for Sabin and this is another loss for Kushida in recent memory.

Winner: Chris Sabin


Two of the favorites in this tournament meet in the main event and they did not disappoint. This match was a contrast in styles as Scurll worked the more methodical style trying to breakdown Takahashi, and Hiromu would rely on quick powerful attacks. Throughout the match, Marty would work the arm and back of Hiromu. But the LIJ man would not give in to The Villain and would consistently nail that one move out of nowhere to get himself back into the match.

The two would eventually find themselves battling on the apron trading shots and both going for the home run shot. Takahashi tried to nail a hurricanrana onto the apron but Scurll countered it into a powerbomb on the outside. The battle on the outside would culminate with Scurll nailing a tombstone piledriver onto the apron, but it could only get him a 2 count. After a strong back and forth with both men going for the finish it would be Hiromu that locks Scurll in the submission and after a struggle, the ref finally steps in giving Takahashi the win.

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi

The B-Block had a hell of a challenge following the A-Block as the gang on night one really brought the fire. They didn’t disappoint though and fans were treated to yet another great night of Junior Division wrestling.

Below are the point totals for the first two nights of competition:

A-Block B-Block
Taiji Ishimori 2 Chris Sabin 2
Tiger Mask IV 2 Dragon Lee 2
ACH 2 El Desperado 2
Yoh 2 Hiromu Takahashi 2
Will Ospreay 0 Kushida 0
Flip Gordon 0 Marty Scurll 0
Bushi 0 Ryusuke Taguchi 0
Kanemaru 0 Sho 0

Stay tuned to @wrestlaholic and @WrestlaholicJPN for coverage of The Best of the Super Juniors as well as our takes on everything in the wrestling world. Keep posted here for reviews, analysis and full coverage of BOSJ 25.


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